Exclusive Interview: Actress Kate Kelton Talks Syfy’s ‘Haven’, Art And More

Kate Kelton,  can most recently be seen on IFC television series “Bullet in the Face” as Martine Mahler opposite Eddie Izzard. Kate’s character is tough-as-nails, smart, and knows how to hold her own.  This month Kate can also be seen as Jordan McKee, a ‘spirited and fierce’ waitress on Syfy’s “Haven”.

Kate has always been involved in the arts and discovered her love for acting during her final year of film school. She has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film from Ryerson Polytechnic University. She also attended The Etobicoke School of the Arts in high school where she was a Visual Arts major. While in school there she ended up acting, directing, stage-managing, and dancing.

This Canadian actress, model, and artist is best known for being the first non-blonde Tic Tac Girl in an international campaign that ran for almost a decade. Kate made her big-screen debut during the Toronto International Film Festival in The Republic of Love (2000), which was directed by Deepa Mehta. She then appeared in the popular movie comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle“ (2004) as Christy.

This past June, Kate was seen in Shane Stevens’s comedy “The Longer Day of Happiness”. Kate has appeared in several indie films and TV guest spots including “Detention which starred Josh Hutchinson, and Devin Zimmerman’s “Growth”. She can also be seen in Shaggy’s music video, “It Wasn’t Me”, which first exposed her to a global audience.

Kate’s an extremely talented artist whose artwork is exhibited internationally. She has also been published as a contributing author in Making It in High Heels: Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages’. Kate’s latest exhibition, Crazy 4 Cult was seen in New York City in August 2012.

Check out my latest “Versus” with actress, model, artist Kate Kelton. She talks about working on Haven, Joseph Kahn’s Detention and her artwork.  Be sure you visit katekelton.com

Alien Bee – You’ve been in some of my favorite movies like Harold and Kumor go to White Castle to the cool genre flick Growth. That’s a pretty big jump from comedy to horror like that. Do you have a preference?

Kate Kelton – I love both, though I suspect it might be easier to scare people than it is to make them laugh!

Alien Bee – You was also in the cool movie Detention co-starring Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook. How was that experience?

Kate Kelton – That was a total blast. Director Joseph Kahn comes from such a strong music video background, that his attention to detail was unprecedented!

Alien Bee – Detention was a weird and entertaining watch for me. How would you describe it?

Kate Kelton – Mind-bending, pop-culture addict fodder :}

Alien Bee – You recently filmed some episodes of Syfy’s hit series Haven which is one of my favorite shows. Tell me a little about your character!

Kate Kelton – I play Jordan McKee, a spirited waitress who becomes a key ingredient to unlocking the secrets of The Guard, a mysterious group dedicated to protecting the Troubled.

Alien Bee – How was your experience working on Haven and would you be up for more like that?

Kate Kelton – It was unparalleled: the location, the crew, the writers and producers, the cast.. just such a talented bunch, in a gorgeous spot, quietly working away at making some magic. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Alien Bee – Tell about some about your art.

Kate Kelton – One of my favourite compliments is when people tell me they’ve never seen anything like it, so it becomes a little difficult to put into words ;} I run a gamut of styles, lately experimenting with sketched photorealistic portraiture, but I’ve covered subject matter from birds to architecture and abstracted landscape

Alien Bee – Your most recent exhibition, “Crazy 4 Cult” was seen in New York City back in August, Do you have more planned anytime soon?

Kate Kelton – No, I don’t. I’ve been too busy with a couple of commissions lately, actually!

Alien Bee – What else do you have going on?

Kate Kelton – Bullet In The Face, a TV show I made with Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts, is still airing in Canada for another couple weeks, Tuesday nights at 11pm on Super Channel!

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Kate Kelton – Make sure to catch my debut episode of Haven this Friday night at 10pm on SyFy! And follow me on twitter @katekelton and visit katekelton.com

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