Exclusive Interview: Actress Kandyse McClure Talks Hemlock Grove, BSG And More

Actress Kandyse McClure is probably best known for her portrayal of ‘Anastasia Dualla’ on the hit series “Battlestar Galactica.” She  just joined the cast of Netflix’s American horror thriller TV original series “Hemlock Grove” as ‘Dr. Chausser,’ an animal behaviorist with a PhD and a history of self destruction which is set to premiering in 2013. You’ll probably be hearing a lot out of this new series real soon because not only is Kandyse a part of it but her costars include Bill Skarsgard (SIMPLE SIMON), Famke Janssen (X-MEN), Lili Taylor (“Six Feet Under”), Dougray Scott (EVER AFTER) and to top that off the series is exectutive produced by Eli Roth!

Check out my latest Versus with the stunning and super awesome Kandyse McClure who shares some cool stories from her BSG days, she gives up a lot of info on Hemlock Grove and her other projects she has going on.

Alien Bee – First off, I just have to say Battlestar Galactica is my all-time favorite series! Had to get that out there!

Kandyse McClure – Thank you! It’s definitely up there for me too.

Alien Bee – What did you take with you from this great series?  Experience wise.

Kandyse McClure –  I like to think of BSG as my college years in the school of life. Having “profs’ like  Eddie Olmos and Mary MacDonnell  was certainly a once in a lifetime experience.  Mary once told me the secret to being a woman in this industry is realizing the power you have and then owning it. I’ve been trying to live by those words ever since.

Alien Bee – Did you get to keep any props or your uniform? Please tell me you did!

Kandyse McClure –  We were told very explicitly not to try and take any of our props – they even waited outside our trailers on the last day! – I did sneak away with few tidbits. Wish I had my headset though! That would have been a great bit of memorabilia to show the grandkids one day. Also, I miss my first season uniform, the green BDUs, they were so comfortable!


Alien Bee – Tell me about Hemlock Grove and your character.

Kandyse McClure –  Hemlock Grove is a supernatural thriller – think Twilight  meets Twin Peaks with  plenty of eroticism, gore and deviancy . I play Clementine Chasseur, a doctor of predator ethology  – an expert animal hunter, with a dark past and a reckless lifestyle who clings to her belief in God, and her work to find order in the chaos. She doesn’t give much away and has a way of getting information out of people even when they don’t want to give it. 

Alien Bee – This is a Netflix production and they’re kind of new to this original programming. Is there any difference from how they are handling things to other established networks?

Kandyse McClure – Netflix  is a progressive platform. There are no censors curtailing our creativity. I love that the series is shot and will be delivered like a film – everything, all at once – so viewers can watch when and how they want to. It’s how I, and most people I know like to watch shows. Instant gratification.

Alien Bee – Is Eli Roth keeping a watchful eye on this project?

Kandyse McClure – Of course! I’ve seen him on set a few times. My character shows up a little later on in the story so I didn’t get to work with him on the first episode unfortunately. We had a great chat at the lunch table though. It was cool that he had watched some of my previous projects even before my being  on the show. I think it was Mother’s Day..

Alien Bee – You also have Broken Kingdom that was recently released. Tell me a little about this?

Kandyse McClure –  I only play a small part in the film – the mom to the young boy Rachel’s character gets sort of attached to. The little boy who plays my son is actually my godson! Daniel and Rachel really put their heart and souls in the film. It’s beautifully shot and heart wrenching! They are both so talented.

Alien Bee – You were also in one of my guilty pleasures, Syfy’s version of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”. You kind of got the raw end of the deal there and that scene of you in the corn field will kind of stick with someone!  How was it filming another adaption that came from the mind of a legend like Stephen King?

 Kandyse McClure – Yes, seems to be a theme with me… my characters getting a raw deal in the end lol 

I thought it was an interesting twist to have them be an interracial couple. She was such a shrew though! David Anders was a blast to work with – we were all in this old Bavarian hotel in Iowa – it was surreal – it was like being transported into the script. That scene with me and all those kids in the corn field still haunts me…. 

Alien Bee – You also work with CARE Canada. Tell me about this and is there a website where people can get more information on this?

Kandyse McClure –  I’ve been a long time sponsor with CARE CANADA. I love their focus on women and girls. They are often the ones most affected by poverty and discrimination and when given the resources invest most of what they earn and achieve back into their families and communities. They are a critical point of focus for catalyzing positive change in the world. You can go to www.care.ca to sign up and see all the work they do.

Alien Bee – You definitely keep busy. Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures you can share?

Kandyse McClure –  I’m so grateful to be so busy working these days but I do my best to make time for stress relief! I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now. My mum’s a teacher so I grew up reading a lot and cherish the chance to sit down with a good book. On long hauls flights mainly. I love to cook as well and find that really relaxing and creative. Guilty pleasures? Spending way too much time on Ebay looking for size 5 shoes. And also watching Four Weddings, Come Dine with Me and House Hunters International.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

 Kandyse McClure –  Just a great big Thank You to the fans. We wouldn’t be doing what we do without them! 

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