Exclusive Interview: Actress Jessica Cameron Talks ‘SILENT NIGHT’ And More

Actress Jessica Cameron is no stranger to Alien Bee.  It’s been a few years since we last checked in with the actress (on here anyway) and now we’ve just finished up our second interview with Jessica who shares her latest experiences from filming on the Silent Night remake, to the upcoming indie-thriller Intrusive Behavior and several more projects.  The actress also talks about her transition to L.A. and the new hobbies she’s picked up and she also shares  her favorite experiences while filming. she also brings up something about hot dogs and whip cream vodka that I have no clue about. Oh wait!

Check out my latest Versus with the always delightful Jessica Cameron and definitely keep an eye peeled out for her!

Alien Bee – Tell me how you got your part in Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night.

Jessica Cameron – Since I have done so many indy horror films, I tend to get the inside scope when it comes to the indy horror world. I heard that Silent Night was getting remade so I reached out to the film makers to let them know that I would love to be involved.

Alien Bee – You currently live in L.A. but originally from Canada so how was it returning to Canada where production is taking place on the film?

Jessica Cameron – It was AWESOME!
It was actually my first film that I have ever shot in Canada!
Even though Winnipeg is a much larger city then the small town that I grew up in, it still felt very much like home. Canadians are all so nice and friendly, and everyone is so eager to help.
I hope to work more in my home country!

Alien Bee – Tell me as much as you can about your character.

Jessica Cameron – I play a nurse, like a REAL ONE…not a “typical horror film, naughty nurse in a skimpy unrealistic nurse’s outfit”.
It was a delightful change!

Alien Bee – Do you live or die?

Jessica Cameron – As much as I adore you, you know I can not tell you that ; )
At least on the record! (call me )

Alien Bee – How is it working with director Steven C. Miller?

Jessica Cameron – He was so nice, and maintained such control of his set.
I shot my scene towards the end of he shoot – and everyone on set had such respect and admiration for him.
I hope to work with him again. He is the type of director that every actor hopes to work with!
It was impressive how calm and on top of everything he was since it was such a big shoot.

Alien Bee – I know several projects you have in the works, one I’m kind of close with is Intrusive Behavior. Tell me a little about this and your character.

Jessica Cameron – I LOVE this role, and this script. It goes in a direction that one doesn’t expect.
This is one of those projects where I hate to say to much for fear of giving anything away or unintentionally misleading anyone!
One of the things that I adore about acting is delving into a character that is far different then I, and in this film I think I play a character who is the farthest from me that I have ever gone. There is something thrilling about that, but also kinda scary too!

Alien Bee – Tell me about American Girls.

Jessica Cameron – This is the tragic tale of 2 young high school girls that were murdered. I have a small role in this film, but I get to play the bitchy high school queen bee. It was so much fun, since it was the opposite of my high school experience.
I kept to myself and was the farthest thing from the most popular girl! So it was interesting to relive the other side.
I made a life long friendship with my co-star Amber Rose, who played my bitchy side kick. We bonded over our mutual love for marketing, branding and mentor Bonnie Gillespie!

Alien Bee – How about the Black Dahlia Haunting?

Jessica Cameron – This project centers around the true story of the Black Dahlia. In it I play film legend Marilyn Monroe, and I am so excited about this. I have always loved her, and even did a monologue as her in my grade 12 drama class (I got 98% on it).
Its daunting to tackle such a beloved icon, but I am up for the challenge!
She had such a deep, intense, all consuming loneliness  that she masked with her perfect smile –  I am going to tap into it.
It’s another film with my friends Devanny Pinn and Brandon Slagle, and working with them is always such a joy!

Alien Bee – Any other projects you want to share?

Jessica Cameron – I am blessed that there are so many that I am so excited about!
My first tv show – “Brides of Beverly Hills” will be airing in the fall. Stay tuned for details. But its going to be on a major network in America and Canada.
“Human Contraband” is an intense thriller that I will be shooting in Thailand.
“Get Away” is a unique horror film, and I am super excited to take on what will be my most physical role to date.
“The Story Of Winter” is my first family friendly film, and is shooting in Ohio soon.
“Shadow” is going to be my darkest film to date, and is going to be a kick ass throw back to 80’s classic horror but with a modern twist!
“Where Were You When The Lights Went Out In Rio” is a scary ghost story based on an urban legend that will be shooting in Brazil.
“Bruin Lake” is a scary warewolf tale shooting up in Michigan in early 2012.
Stay tuned for more!

Alien Bee – Speaking of moving to L.A. from Canada via Ohio. Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests out there?

Jessica Cameron – Hiking – I love it! It’s so much fun and I adore how everyone out here does it!
Thrift store shopping has been taken to a new level – you should see the amazing things that I find there (pretty much all my clothes now come from some type of thrift store!)
My love of coffee has increased, since I have so many meetings at coffee shops!
And CUPCAKES – seriously they are out of this world here! You must visit and try them! (we can eat them after the hot dogs, and with the whip cream vodka! Sorry readers inside joke  )

Alien Bee – Favorite experience or best memory filming?

Jessica Cameron – On every set there are great memories made – for those of you that have never been on a film set (First – you should get on one, just for the fun of it!) it’s like going to a really fun camp when you are a child. Outside of filming on Silent Night, I had a great time chatting and hanging out with my fellow actors Erik J. Berg and Brian Richardson in our trailers while waiting to head to set. Brian has been in the business for so long and is so experienced, and Erik has worked on some great projects too! It was such a blast to chat with them and see how similar the film world is in Canada.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everybody checking this out?

Jessica Cameron – THANK YOU! Seriously – it’s the support of all my wonderful family, friends and fans (including and especially you Bri) that have helped make my career so successful and I am so thankful for that!

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