Exclusive Interview: Actress Bai Ling Talks Her New Film ‘KNOCKDOWN’ And Lots More

Actress Bai Ling‘s new movie KNOCKDOWN will release on DVD on June 5th and will also have a limited theatrical run beginning June 8th. Knockdown tells the undefeated boxing career of Jack “The Ripper” Stemmons (Casey T. Evans) until it was destroyed by a bookie (Tom Arnold), who fixed the fight of Jack’s life.  In a rage, Jack brutally attacks the bookie and finds himself escaping from everything from everything he has ever known.  Exiled half way around the world in Bangkok, Jack falls victim to the exotic and addictive spell of a prostitute (Ling).  But he soon learns that a scheming gangster sent the prostitute to trap him to get him back on the ring, but this time, in Bangkok’s notorious underground fight clubs.  No matter how hard Jack tries to distance himself from his violent history, it is only a matter of time before Jack’s past, present and future collide in a twisted climax.

Check out my latest Versus with the super awesome Bai Ling as she talks in depth about Knockdown and some of her other upcoming projects. I had to ask her about working with George Lucas on Star Wars Episode II and working with the late Brandon Lee on The Crow and she shared so much with me.

Alien Bee – YOU are one of my favorite actresses, I had just had to get that out!  Ok, first off, how’d you get into acting?

Bai Ling –  Thank you for think of me as you favourite actress:) well to answer your question, acting is something people call it an acting, but to me it is real life, I never was acting, I was called in to be an actress to give and share the truth of human emotions in a raw real way, I have a way and a gift naturally express the sensitivities of our heart’s feelings easily. I was so shy and could not brought myself to even to speak when I was a child. But I know there is a rich sensitive world inside me wants expressed, so acting in a way allow me to cross the threshold of shyness yet to be truthful to be me to show the magic truthful me just like all of us.

Alien Bee – Tell me a little about Knockdown and your character.

Bai Ling – “Knowkdown” is a powerful film, a film intensely allow you to breath and experience very intimately a human being’s journey, through happiness sadness tears and joy in a lively colourful way from west to the east. 

My character is the light and fresh air in this man’s life yet because of her purity that she is damaged and become a drug addict, but still she is so strong and beautiful in a man’s life when the man is so weak and most needed. You will get to experience with her the beauty and sensuality of woman.

Alien Bee – What can we expect when we watch Knockdown?

Bai Ling –  When you watch ” knockdown” you will experience the excitement of the people who live their life on the edge, and the most intimacy of how life is like as if we walked into someone’s inner bed room.

Alien Bee –What other projects can you talk about right now?

Bai Ling -I have been very lucky, I am shooting 3 movies right now, one is called: Kill Point”, one is called ” speed dragon” “Lost warrior” and “Yellow Hill”, and another 2 projects in negotiations. Very exciting time for me, and each characters are totally different, if you fallow me @realbailing on twitter and visiting my http://officialbailing.com you will find out all my projects that I post daily. And also I started making my own exciting hip cutting edge music, I released 3 songs on Itune just now, each song I produce wrote the music and lyric all in 5 hours. you can listen to here: http://bit.ly/A2ytUs

Alien Bee – Tell me about your experiences from working on a Star Wars movie and The Crow.

Bai Ling –  Working with George Lucas on “Star Wars” was a dream become true, because he is such an icon in the entertainment business, and “Star wars” literally made our dream become true, he made our fantasy world real, what a revolution in our history, I was so lucky to have met him and worked with him and had the pleasure being close with him as a good friend. He also made me believe: dream can become true but only for the dreamers who is daring to dream but with a believe and a innocent heart. I want to thank him for that.

And “The Crow” is an epic movie, it sets its unique trend of film noir for millions to admire and fallow. And it was my very first western movie without even speaking English, and because of what happened to Branden Lee, the movie becomes more special, and it made me even more appreciate movies, because film kept him alive forever. And I alSo I love my character Myca, she is such a force of mystery that we will forever drawn to.

Alien Bee – You’ve done so much in film. If you could pick one which would you choose?  Action or horror, how about comedy?

Bai Ling –  Yes as I said before I am so lucky:) yes I did action, horror, comedy, drama, and I like them all, as I always say, I have 8 little spirits living inside me, they all have their own character, so I have to satisfine each And all of them. And I learned that is my gift to be a versatile actress.

Alien Bee – What do you do in your off time? Any hobbies?

Bai Ling –  My hobbies? I like to write, I am writing my book and a screen play, I have a romantic poetic soul, I like to go to Sunna room lost in the burning heat, like to walk along the blue sea… I also like to do nothing just watching the wind walk by.



Alien Bee – Do you consider yourself a bad girl?

Bai Ling –  I am a magic human being if I don’t think, this is what I learned about myself: If I am thinking, I am an idiot, if I am not thinking, I am a genius.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Bai Ling –  I would like all of you my friends to follow me on twitter @realbailing because I tweet suger free fat free cookies ( like the chinese fortune cookie but suger fat free) everyday just to put you in an excellent mood:)…Yes my cookie for you today is: Give and forgive, with these 2 words you will solve any problem in life.

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