Exclusive Interview: Actor Ransford Doherty Talks Body of Proof, The Closer And More

Actor Ransford Doherty pulls double duty with recurring roles on two hit shows: TNT’s highly- acclaimed, THE CLOSER which will be back this summer for its final season, and ABC’s crime-drama, BODY OF PROOF.  Ransford is also in talks to continue his role from The Closer in the upcoming spinoff, MAJOR CRIMES, starring Mary McDonnell.

Check out my latest Versus with Ransford Doherty as he talks about his two recurring roles on the two hit shows and the juggling act with the two. He also hints that his character from The Closer may appear again.

Alien Bee – First off tell me how you got into acting.

Ransford Doherty –  How I got into acting? I think growing up watching my older sister Hileen gave me the confidence to at least get up in front of people and speak. She was a valedictorian, senior class president, competed on the debate team, entered science fairs, performed in plays and won a lot of talent shows. Talk about a tough act to follow! (Insert rimshot “bah dum dum”) I thought if my older sister can get up and speak in front of a crowd of strangers, then I must possess that gift within me as well. So, the first play I did in high school was Romeo and Juliet!  My speech and drama teacher, Julie Clarke, cast me as Prince Escalus. In fact she had my character make a grand entrance by entering the stage on a real white horse named CeeCee. Imagine if we did Aladdin: Arabian Nights? I have a feeling Julie Clarke would have had everyone ride in on a camel or an elephant from the DC National Zoo! However, my college theatre teacher Pam Arkin was the one who encouraged me to pursue acting as a career! Glad I took her advice.

Alien Bee – You pull double duty on two hit shows, Body of Proof and The Closer. Tell me about your character and the differences between the two.

Ransford Doherty –  On The Closer, I play Kendall, a field operative who is charged with examining the body at the crime scene. I help Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) and the other detectives solve LA’s toughest cases. On Body of Proof, I play the energetic, inquisitive rookie Detective Tim Bell, who constantly bumps heads with the ex-neurosurgeon, Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney).

The difference in the two is not only location (The Closer: LA andBody of Proof: Philly) but style. On The Closer, my character Kendall wears the standard issue Coroner’s jacket, with shirt and tie. I also have a very cooperative relationship with the Deputy Chief of Police and the detectives. The only time Kyra’s character gets impatient with me is when I show up late, which happened twice, but I had valid reasons. However on Body of Proof, my character Detective Tim Bell, sports a leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and designer boots. I’m all about looking good and if I have to chase after you, which may cause me to break a sweat, you’re in trouble!  I don’t respect or understand the importance of physical evidence as it relates to solving a criminal case.  It’s too much paperwork. Let’s just arrest the bad guy and be done with it. That kind of mentality doesn’t fly with Dana Delaney’s character which is why we bump heads.

Alien Bee – Have you ever been on set and while filming catch yourself portraying your other character?

Ransford Doherty – Actually I haven’t, but if I did try to pull the kind of stunts Detective Tim Bell pulls on the set of The Closer, I think Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson would have Gabriel, Provenza, Flynn, Tao and Sanchez beat me up legally while Buzz films it. Then have me demoted to the position of a crossing guard at one of the worst elementary schools in LA.

Alien Bee –  The Closer begins its final season this summer and will have a spinoff series.  What can you tell me about Major Crimes?

Ransford Doherty – It will premiere Monday, Aug. 13, at 10 p.m. following The Closer finale and it’s going to be another hit for TNT! My Reps are in talks to bring my character Kendall to the new show, so keep your fingers crossed.

Alien Bee – What would be your ultimate acting gig?

Ransford Doherty –  If they were making a movie about the life and times of Eddie Murphy, I would love to play the role of Eddie Murphy.

Alien Bee –  Ok, real quick. I’m a huge Power Rangers fan. Tell me how your experience was filming on the PR set.

Ransford Doherty – Wow, that was back in 2002. I played the role of a guard.  From what I remember, it was cool.  The bad guy costumes and sets were very elaborate.

Alien Bee –  Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Ransford Doherty –  Thanks for taking the time to read this article, now get back to work before your boss catches you. Oh and before I forget, check me out in the final 5 episodes of The Closer. Series premiere is July 9th on TNT.


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