Exclusive Clip From FOX’s Hit Comedy ‘BREAKING IN’

We have an exclusive clip from FOX’s action-comedy BREAKING IN.   There’s definitely something familiar here for Oz (Christian Slater) in the “Baboon Heart” clip! Reminds me of an old “untamed” movie from long ago….The hit comedy also stars Megan Mullally as Veronica, Bret Harrison as Cameron, Alphonso McAuley as Cash and Erin Richards as Molly

On an all-new Breaking In, Oz must prove that Jones, Contra’s top salesman, exists.  Tune in on Tuesday, 3/27, at 9:30/8:30c on FOX!


Series Description:

BREAKING IN is a half-hour workplace comedy that takes office politics to the next level of genius.

The Contra team is led by larger-than-life man of mystery and master of manipulation, OZ (Christian Slater). Then there’s Oz’s go-to guy, CAMERON PRICE (Bret Harrison), the team’s computer hacker and cyber cracker. Cameron’s best buddy in the office is CASH SPARKS (Alphonso McAuley), a fanboy who specializes in gadgets, logistics and office pranks that only a geek mastermind could think up. But what happens when the company is bought out by a stuffy, multi-billion dollar, global corporation, and these high-IQ oddballs are suddenly forced to play by the rules?

Contra Security has always been a hip, exciting place to work. One thing’s for sure: Oz is going to have a hard time taking orders – especially from their calculating new boss VERONICA MANN (Emmy Award winner Megan Mullally). Yep, that’s right. The Contra mavericks are now working for the “Mann.” Veronica is sassy and brassy, but a joy to work for…as long as you do exactly what she wants. She’s brought with her MOLLY HUGHES (Erin Richards), her overachieving protégé and the new office manager. Molly is super-smart, super-quirky and super into her job…none of which helps her to fit in.

Can the Contra crew and the new corporate regime learn to play nice and work together? Or is the corporate takeover just another one of Oz’s brilliant plans?

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