Exclusive Clip And Stills From Horror-Comedy ‘MOURNING WOOD’

Head inside to watch this hilarious Alien Bee exclusive clip from the upcoming horror-comedy MOURNING WOOD, releasing on DVD on July 24th. Dig on the exclusive stills too!

Mourning Wood is a wacky, stupid and fun stoner buddy flick that fits right in with others like The Stoned Age and Harold and Kumar, just with a little goofy horror added to the mixture. the film is directed by Ryan Convery and starsĀ Ed Gutierrez, Erik Johnson, Marc Guild, Zack Brown, Ryan Convery, Ryan Clark and Nick Brown.

In the small town of Slutton, infomercial king Dr. Jacob Pendelton has created a new product called ShamPube, but unfortunately someone has tainted his new product, turning the town into sexually charged humping zombies.

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