Everything is Set for New Jack Ryan Trilogy

Paramount Pictures has confirmed the first of 3 JACK RYAN films will be released in the 4th quarter of 2013.

Also announced were the following (confirmed) cast members: CHRIS PINE, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, KENNETH BRANAGH (also director), and KEVIN COSTNER.

Rumored to be in the mix for a “serious” role: Bane himself, TOM Freakin’ HARDY!

The story will be an origins story of sorts… and will focus on how JACK RYAN came to be JACK RYAN.

Personally, I always thought the Jack Ryan movies were a step above usual run of the mill CIA thrillers because they were so firmly grounded in “reality” and required some brain power.

I hope this reboot-trilogy retains these factors and doesn’t decide to dumb itself down for the sake of bigger box office receipts. But judging from the announced cast, the series seems to be in very, very good hands.

Source: DeadLine




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