VOODOO POSSESSION is directed by Walter Boholst and stars Danny Trejo, Ryan Caltagirone, Kerry Knuppe, David Thomas Jenkins, Treva Etienne, Tomas Boykin, Nancy La Scala and Abe Spigner.

The supernatural horror-thriller centers on this demon called The Tormentor that comes from beyond the shadows to torment the living and make them suffer.The movie follows Aiden who travels to a Haitian insane asylum in search of his missing brother. Once Aiden and his friends arrive, they immediately see there’s something really wrong with the inmates and the hospital administrator who is able to offer up some information before he simply becomes possessed himself.

Aiden and his friends end up participating in this type of ritual that allows them to enter another plain where his brother is actually at but they quickly realize that they’re not the only ones there. This is where the eerie voodoo comes into play they begin to get killed off one by one. Aiden and his brother finally reunite and they go up against The Tormentor one last time and this final battle becomes a deadly one when they all return to the real world but not all of them are alive.

The movie did get a little slow at times but for the most part it was entertaining and if there’s one thing that does kind of spook me, it’s the voodoo element in the film. I didn’t really get the dream world or wherever it was that they go to find Aiden’s brother but horror movies don’t always have to make complete sense to be entertaining. There’s some fantastic practical effects including the huge creature aka The Tormentor  that looks like a combination of the Tar Man from Return of the Living Dead on steroids and  the Patrick alien from Species, either way it looked really awesome! The setting and location really helped with the dark vibe that this movie sets off, along with the actors and cool effects. Danny Trejo isn’t really in the movie a whole lot but his character does leave a haunting impact!

The packaging comes with a slip cover that features the haunting artwork for the movie. The back includes movie details, a nice little creepy promo shot that features Trejo and the list of extras.

Bottom line is, Voodoo Possession is a pretty cool journey into the dark world of voodoo. While the movie does have its flaws, it’s still entertaining and a good old school style horror movie. The DVD releases on January 14th and is worth a watch.

Distributor: Image Entertainment

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: There’s not much but the BTS video does feature cast and crew who talk about the making of the movie.

  • Behind-the-Scenes featurette
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