DVD Review: TOM AND JERRY: Tricks & Treats


TOM AND JERRY: TRICKS & TREATS include 20 Halloween themed episodes plus two bonus episodes that are a blast watching.  Tricks and treats are at every turn, from ancient Egypt to Transylvania, from creepy houses to haunted forests, the hair-raising hilarity is non-stop! Our favorite cat and mouse mingle with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches in these terrific tales. Sometimes the cat and mouse are on the same side and other times we watch Tom try to chase down Jerry who always ends up getting the best out of the cat who always is down on his luck.

What you get in these 22 cartoon shorts are fan favorite classics along with more recent installments featuring the cat and mouse duo with their wacky friends who always show up to add to the crazy animated mischief. This is a perfect watch for younger kids and the entire family during the Halloween season!

Bottom line is, this Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats DVD is totally worth picking up! As a fan I can watch these cartoons over and over again!

Studio: Warner Brothers

Run Time: 161 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated:


  • More Powers to You
  • Over the River and Boo! The woods (Magic Forest)
  • Fire Breathing Tom Cat
  • Touche Pussycat!
  • The Flying Sorceress
  • Tiger Cat
  • Robin Hoodwinked
  • Jerry’s Cousin
  • Invasion of the Body Slammers
  • The Haunted Mouse
  • Trap Happy
  • Spook House Mouse
  • Bats what I like about the South
  • Fraidy Cat Scat
  • Which Witch
  • Monster Con
  • Tomb It May Concern
  • Power Tom
  • The Itch
  • Hi, Robot

Bonus shorts include “Ho,Ho Horrors” and “Doggone Hill Hog.”

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