TOM AND JERRY: PINT-SIZED PALS – Watch Tom & Jerry and the little ones Tyke, Nibbles, Tuffy and Quacker get into mischief and hi-jinks in this fun collection including 30 cartoons that are great for the entire family to enjoy.

All of these cartoons are a lot of animated fun. The cool thing is, you always know what you’re going to get when it comes to Tom and Jerry and then you have these new characters adding to the mischief makes this even better.

Tom and Jerry have been around so long, you can tell the classic cartoons from the newer ones. Not only is the animation a bit different but in the newer toons is where we really get introduced to some of the new characters. There’s nothing wrong with that but you really an’t beat those classic cartoons!  One of the biggest things I love about Tom and Jerry is the fact that they don’t really talk but everyone around them does, the humans do and the rest of animals do.

The DVD release includes 2 discs that include  30 cartoon shorts. Each one only lasts an average of 5 minutes or so which is great for those who have some attention span problems. The artwork on the box and the discs is also pretty cool and I think that’ll get the attention of some of the kiddos out there.

Bottom line is, Tom and Jerry: Pint-Sized Pals is hours of animated entertainment for kids of all ages, especially the younger ones! The DVD released on March 5th and comes recommended!  I’ll be honest, I could watch these all day long!

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Run Time: 2-Discs / 210 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated:

Special Features: None

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