Michael Biehn not only stars in THE VICTIM but he also made his directorial debut with it plus he write the thing too!

The movie follows two girls (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Danielle Harris) who get caught up in a bad situation with some bad cops out in the middle of the woods, something bad happens and only one survives. The survivor runs for her life and she comes upon a cabin in the woods, no pun intended. She bangs on the door, crying and screaming and the recluse (Michael Biehn) opens the door and quietly takes her in.  She wants to show him where her friend’s body is but it’s gone and from there things get deep.

From there things become twisted as the two bad cops (Denny Kirkwood and Ryan Honey) begin to look for her and yes, everyone’s paths meetup in what becomes a showdown of sorts. There are some cool twists to the neat story that eventually unveils itself accompanied by a few fight scenes and a little blood shed along with these cool characters we get to know along the way.

Let me say for THE VICTIM to be Biehn’s directorial debut he gets it all right!  I love the camera shots, the grittiness and grindhouse feel we get, the cinematography is also done very well. Even though the cast is ultra small they all make a huge impact and have great chemistry with each other, the good guys and gals and the not so good guys!  I even like the music/soundtrack to the movie. A couple of the songs are stuck in my head!

The cool thing about this is there can actually be more than one “victim” in the movie if you look at it in other ways.  The way I look at it but I’m a little warped in my ways of thinking so there you go. I personally counted a total of five! Yeah, you heard me, FIVE! Another bonus is Biehn gives us that trademark “crazy eye” look of his by movie’s end. Good guy, bad guy, we still get it and have to interpret what’s going on behind those eyes of his!

THE VICTIM already holds kind of a special place in my little black heart because I got the opportunity to interview with entire cast just as they wrapped production.

Bottom line is, THE VICTIM is everything I thought it would be! A gritty, dirty and sexy little movie that packs a big punch and is a lot of fun to watch! Definitely check this one out when it drops on Tuesday, September 18th.

Distributor: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Good stuff!

  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Michael Biehn and producer/actor Jennifer Blanc-Biehn
  • THE VICTIM Behind The Scenes
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  1. Jason walsh says:

    As a big fan of Michael and Danielle’s , this is definitely on my must watch list!

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