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THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET was written and directed by Arthur Luhn and stars Ethan EmbryEric Roberts, Jessica Sonneborn, Alex Rocco, Josh Howard and Courtney Gains.

The movie takes place in small town suburbia and follows Amy (Sonneborn), a young woman from Kansas who moves into what appears to be a quite neighborhood in the beginning. She rents an apartment from Tom (Embry) who seems to be a good guy but for some reason he almost desperately wants this place occupied and Amy is in the right place at the right time, coincidence?

Amy quickly meets a few of her new neighbors, the elderly Mr. Barnes (Rocco) who immediately invites her over to eat and then there’s the overly friendly neighbor Ned (Gains), we all know the type. Amy really doesn’t have time  to get settled in good and she ends up witnessing a young girl get hit by a car and things just go down hill from there. Her curiosity ends up getting to best of her and she starts to investigate if the girl is okay or not and she ends up finding out a whole lot more about her new neighbors and a dark secret about that mysterious house across the street.

Amy ends up dealing with two cops, there’s Officer Peterson (Roberts) who has this shady and sinister look about him and then there’s Kyle (Hammond), the other cop who befriends Amy and ends up sharing a big secret with her that also helps to explain a little more about what’s going on in this neighborhood. The more Amy finds out, the closer she gets to the center of this horrific conspiracy that she is actually a part of. Surprise! Ultimately all is revealed and the pieces of this dark and mysterious puzzle are put together to reveal the horrifying secret of The House Across the Street and some sweet revenge that has been set in motion.

Okay, this was a really cool psycho thriller that featured an interesting story full of twists and curveballs thrown at the viewer. The small town suburbia setting and location were near perfect to tell a story like this and Arthur Luhn captured everything on camera to bring this story to life on screen. There’s some really nice camera work in the movie that plays with shadows and mirrors – very Hitchcock-like. This is an indie feature so there’s no over-the-top special effects or anything like that but we do get a few drops of blood along with some gun shots and a barking dog. Hey, you can’t leave the dog out! The movie is definitely a character study and succeeds on all levels with these interesting players.

What stood out in The House Across the Street was easily the talented cast that made the movie what it is, an intriguing psycho thriller that is full of twists and surprises. Sonneborn plays the female lead to near perfection. Eric Roberts puts on a great show with another sinister role that he really seems way too comfortable in. There’s Courtney Gains who plays this all-American neighbor type that’s just too good to be true. Finally we have Ethan Embry who usually plays the nice guy type and here he ends up showing off a little with this mysterious character of his with what little screen time he’s given.

The front of the packaging features the artwork you see up top. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate. The picture and sound quality for this standard-definition release were both really good.

Bottom line is, The House Across the Street is an indie psycho thriller that fits right in with the likes of Hitchcock’s classic thriller Rear Window and 2007’s nosy neighbor thriller Disturbia. The movie has a few flaws but what movie doesn’t. It has a really twisted story and a great cast that brings these interesting characters to life. This DVD releases on May 26th and is worth a watch.

Distributor: Level 33 Entertainment

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

DVD Video: Standard-Definition Widescreen – All Regions

DVD Audio: DTS

Subtitles: English SDH

Special Features:

  • Teaser Trailer
  • Extended Trailer
  • Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery
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