THE GIRL FROM THE NAKED EYE follows Jake (Jason Yee) who seeks revenge for the mysterious death of his innocent stripper friend Sandy (Samantha Streets). 

The movie is a blend of good old murder mystery mixed with martial arts with some hot chicks added. The movie begins and ends with this comic book/pulpy noir style magazine cover and the movie follows that path. It’s dark and gritty with bright neon lights and lots of smoke to set the mood. The acting is probably the weakest part about the movie but it’s not too bad, it just kind of felt like some of the actors may have been thrown in at the last minute. Also, the story is just another “whodunit” type mystery but when you add martial arts and a few other tricks it helps!

To me, The Girl from the Naked Eye reminds me just a little of Sin City thanks to the superb camera work by director David Ren. I mean this guy nails it with this movie and I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!  I loved the setting, the scenery and feel that definitely helped make this movie better than mediocre. We also have a few cameos that some fans will enjoy so keep your eyes pealed for Dominique Swain and Sasha Grey.

Jason Yee, who plays Jake also is the heart behind this flick. He co-wrote the movie with Larry Madill and he also produced it. You know, like i mentioned earlier, it’s hard to try and come up with an original “whodunit” but when you blend these kind of extra ingredients something kind of cool can sometimes come out of it.

Bottom line is, The Girl From the Naked Eye is an absolute sexy and cool murder mystery that is mixed with some smart action sequences! Definitely check this one out, it’s available on DVD now!

Studio: naedomi

Run Time: 84

Rated: R

Special Features: Unfortunately none! 

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