DVD Review: The Dead Want Women

If your like me, you grew up in the 90’s and hit the video store up every week to see what new horror movies just came out on video. And if you did, the names Full Moon or Charles Band should ring familiar to your ears. They brought us Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Trancers and Sub Species. You probably have seen a Full Moon movie without knowing it or you hunted them down to complete a fun movie night. This movie was actually voted by the fans on what the next Full Moon movie should be about and Charles Band would produce it. This choice won with 37%.

The movie starts out in the 1920’s when the silent movie era reigned supreme. The debut of the first ever movie with sound is just released and the most famous silent film starlet, Rose Pettigrew, is the lead in this film and a large celebration is thrown at her mansion. She and her close friends who are also fellow silent movie stars leave the main party to “celebrate” in a secret room in her mansion. As she watches her friends have fun with local hookers, her boss and studio owner finds her in her secret room to tell her that she has a terrible voice for the new sound movies and that she is fired due to poor reviews. Angrily, she kills her friends, her boss and the now naked hookers before killing herself. Decades later, the mansion is bought by 2 retailers who plan to flip the house and make some quick money. Little do they realize that the former owner and her friends haven’t vacated the house and want the 2 realtors blood.

The movie has great special effects, make up design, hot naked chicks and of course Eric Roberts. The zombie and ghost makeup look great and the atmosphere looks believable. But that’s all the positives in the movie and the movie goes downhill with everything else. Like most current Full Moon movies, the make up and props are all that they have going for them. The dvd box synopsis and the actual film are completely different from each other. Honestly, I didn’t know if I was even watching the right movie or if the plot had just been tossed out the window along with any acting ability the people in this movie had.

This movie is probably the worst Full Moon movie that I have ever seen. I have a special heart for cheesy movies, but there wasn’t enough beer in my system or boobs in this movie to save it. That’s really sad for me to say as well as for me to watch it. This movie had me checking the time left during the film to see how much time left I had to suffer.

Studio: Full Moon Films

Run Time: 83 minutes

Rated: NR


  • The Making of The Dead Want Women
  • Full Moon Trailers



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