THE AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN follows the super detective Charlie Chan and his ten children, yes ten!  We have 16-episodes, two-disc collection in this complete series.

This cartoon series from came to us in the early seventies via Hanna-Barbara and borrows elements from hit cartoons like Scooby-Doo, I think I even hear the theme song in the back ground at times.  It’s based on Charlie Chan who also had his own detective adventures years earlier. So it’s a blend of both, mystery and animated comedy with a studio audience’s laughter thrown in to help with the comedic element. Did I mention there’s also a dog? The dog is fun to watch!

The clan always get themselves into these crazy situations but in the end they get out of them, sometimes with a little help from the Chan man himself. To me Chan seems way too laid back to be putting up with all these crazy and nosy kids running around, that itself is kind of funny to watch.  The clan also has this van that can transform so consider this vehicle way before its time, if you get my drift.  The van does turn into some silly things too sometimes!  The stories are fun, some kind f seamed like they were recycled but still fun to watch. The animation is good for its time.

To me the biggest thing that stands out with this series is the casting of the amazing Keye Luke (Kato, Master Po) as the voice of Charlie Chan. Not only was this the first time that an Asian-American would play Charlie Chan, it marked an apropos “graduation” for Mr. Luke, the original “Number One Son” Lee Chan of the classic Warner Oland Chan mysteries. Among those joining Mr. Luke on voice duties are Jodie Foster (Anne Chan), Lennie Weinrib (Stanley Chan) and Don Messick (Chu-Chu).

Bottom line is, if you love these old Hanna-Barbera cartoons then be sure to check this one out.  The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan released on DVD on June 26th.

Studio: Warner Archive

Run Time: 344 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: None!

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