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STRESS POSITION was directed by A.J. Bond who also stars along with David Amito and Marguerite Moreau.

The movie centers around these two close friends who make what seems to be a friendly bet to see who can withstand a week of psychological torture. We’re talking all mental and no physical torture. Seems simple enough, right? At first all of the experiments seems harmless and are quickly laughed off but as time passes, everything becomes much darker and it’s all being caught on film.

All of this takes place in and around this custom built white room that serves as the torture chamber for the person/prisoner. There are some uniquely wild devices constructed in this torture chamber that serve as tools to help break the person’s will. As the torturing becomes more severe and out of control as the movie progresses and the breaking slowly begins to happen. There are some terrifying moments here that deal with not only humiliation but also how a friendship and bond can be betrayed and broken. All of this to simply see who can outlast the other and it all gets taken way too far.

Remember, all of this is caught on film. There are some seriously intense moments where you fear for this person’s life. I’m talking water boarding techniques and blood withdrawal from an unwilling donor. Scenes that will have the viewer gasping for air! The construction on the devices in this small and confined torture chamber are highly imaginative and very bizzare looking. There are people wearing these weird constructed masks and white hazmat looking suits that help make this watch even more mysterious and suspenseful as all of this happens.

Okay, Stress Position was one wild watch! I’ve never seen a movie quite like this that uses real life situations and torture techniques. There’s no over-the-top special effects that could never happen in real life or some crazy masked killer from the dead. There’s no big gore fest or anything like that. This is more of a character study than anything else and it all stays grounded and realistic.  The story keeps it simple and interesting and even though the cast of characters are small, they are so very powerful. The viewer watches the friendship between these two men slowly fade away as things get taken way too far, to the point nothing can be repaired. We’ve all had moments in our lives where we laughed at something in the beginning but soon realize the moment or situation is way more serious than we first thought. Yeah, this is one of those times! There’s laughter in the beginning and be the end we have tears. Talk about some mental anguish!

The packaging features the artwork you see up top. The back includes movie details and a teaser image of one of the torture scenes. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate.

Bottom line is, Stress Position was a fascinating and intense watch. This bizzare psychological thriller pushes beyond the limits of one’s mental endurance, to the edge of insanity. Everyone has their breaking point. This DVD released on August 26th and is worth a watch.

Distributor: BrinkVision

Run Time: 79 Minutes

Rated:Not Rated

Special Features: None

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