So, I finally checked out SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE on DVD. I’ve heard so much about this little movie from people who caught it at film fests and getting to witness it was a complete blast.  I think this is a little movie that people will be enjoying years to come!

We’re introduced to Ken (Kevin Corrigan) who has been away for a while in a mental institution and is transitioning himself back into “normal” society. Ken looks normal (most of the time) on the outside but his repressed memories keep haunting him. You see, he was tortured and beaten by his school mates years earlier that left him mentally and physically scarred for life. Ken has a cool little hobby that allows him to vent, he draws some nice and not so nice pictures that are a part of  this story, a nice piece to the puzzle.

We watch Ken work at an ice cream parlor which is kind of kooky in its own part plus he’s dealing with his 11-year old daughter Amy (Ariel Gade) who wants to be a part of his life and it’s really awkward for him. He also meets up with Stephanie (Lucy Davis) at the ice cream shop and she immediately is a little interested in him even though he keeps his distance and acts a little weird, I guess she likes that sort of thing.  Ok, things keep spiraling a little southward as dead bodies begin to pop up and they all have a little something in common. The local Sheriff (Barry Bostwick) is hot on the case or maybe not so hot on the case but maybe he just has the hots for Ken’s mom (Karen Black), yes it’s something like that without spoiling it too much for you. Bostwick’s character is great, goofy at times, even while he’s on the job.

As the movie  unfolds it does introduce us to some new twists which are cool and also fun to watch. How Ken handles everything going on is also fun to watch and it’s wild how into this character Corrigan gets! Ken is like a time bomb waiting to go off  but he really doesn’t know how to go off.  The rest of the cast of characters allow the viewer into their little world and feel for them on some level and we don’t get too much of that in movies lie this.  The end of the movie closes one door and opens another for Ken. That’s spoiler free for you!

Ok, dissecting the movie. Director Jack Perez and writer/producer Ryan A. Levin make a pretty cool indie dream team here. This movie packs enough punch that kept me in the movie the entire time. There really wan’t any dull moments for me and that’s always nice for a movie to move along like that!  All of the camera work captures everything, to the dirty kills all the way to the characters having their moments.  The story is really cool and unique and is the heart of this gem along with Corrigan’s work plus his chemistry with Gade. There is some blood and guts for those looking for this kind of stuff but nothing that is overdone.

Bottom line is, I really enjoyed Some Guy Who Kills People. I think horror and comedy  fans will enjoy and appreciate this cool little movie. Definitely check out this DVD when it releases on July 3rd.  

Distributor: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 97 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: Just right!

  • Director/Writer/Producer commentary
  • Short film “The Fifth”  Watch this!
  • “Making Of” featurette
  • Trailer


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