Robot Chicken

One of the biggest cross-overs this year to hit both tv and dvd entertainment is the Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special event. Originally advertised as a tv special with no replays whatsoever quickly turned into a home video release that was quickly gaining a ton of promotion on both Adult Swim and in random comic books. Well, I’m glad that it was released on dvd since I missed the original broadcast of this special.

The universes of Robot Chicken and DC Comics collide: who will survive with their super-dignities intact? NOBODY! In Robot Chicken’s hands, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even Mr. Banjo could end up dead or naked or both or neither.

Now, my one and only complaint about the dvd is the actual running time of the feature presentation. It’s only 23 minutes long. That does seem kinda short for a dvd that is retailed at around $13, but the special features on the dvd are kinda what make up for it. You get around two and a half hours of special features and bonus content that really do make the dvd worth buying. The actual storyline for the featurette is pretty good and the little shorts for some of the side gags are entertaining.

Overall, the dvd is worth it only if only you are a fan of either DC Comics or Robot Chicken or both. The price is a little high for only 23 minutes, but it is loaded with some great special features. The blu-ray version of this title does have 15-20 more minutes of bonus footage, but the content isn’t worth that extra money. If you can either borrow it from a friend or rent it from Red Box, do so. Hopefully we can get a Marvel Robot Chicken special down the road sometime.

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Run Time: 23 minutes

Rated: NR


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Tour of DC Entertainment
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • The Making of Robot Chicken: A DC Comics Special
  • Cast and Crew Commentary
  • Q&A with the Creators
  • Stoopid Alter Egos
  • Aquaman’s Origin Story



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