DVD Review: ‘PLAYBACK’ Starring Christian Slater

I finally got to check out the horror-thriller PLAYBACK on DVD.  I followed this movie along pretty much from the beginning and to finally see the end product was a kind of weird experience.  when I say weird experience, it’s not all bad but not all good either.  The movie is another teen slasher type but includes new elements mixed with a dark, twisted and confusing story that make it a pretty unique thriller.

The movie is about a town with a deep dark secret. Some horrible murders took place back in the 90’s that some high school students are covering for a class project. The murders, known as the Hartan Diehl family murders is a mystery that was never fully solved and the kids and certain people close to their circle begin to find themselves being tracked down and brutally murdered. What drags  them into this are these old tapes of footage from the Hartan Diehl case that actually contain an evil spirit. Well, that evil spirit is accidentally  unleashed upon Quinn, who is just trying to help out the kid’s and their project. Enter one deputy sheriff  who is a little on the sleazy side and that crazy demon possessed Quinn and we have a bunch of murders happening.

There are several twists in Playback and questions that aren’t answered until the final moments, which I did like!  The movie does remind of a few other movies and doesn’t leave much for the “who done it” kind of thing but it’s really ok in this case. We have victims in the beginning that open the movie in a mystery then we find out there’s a demon that is unleashed on a new group of people and this thing will not stop!  The ending really is the best part of the movie and you’ll just have to watch to see what I mean, it’s part of the twists I mentioned earlier. There are also some great gory scenes in the movie with some characters that will surprise you!  I got a kick out of one particular scene!

Playback is written and directed by Michael A. Nickles and has a great cast that includes Christian Slater. Toby Hemingway, Johnny Pacar and Ambyr Childers. Nickles sis a great job with this movie for what it is. It’s another teen slasher flick but with a unique and really kind of odd story that hasn’t been done yet.  All of the acting is fantastic with the best being Hemingway. Call this guy if you want a possessed character because he nailed it and freaking looks the part!

All in all, this is an OK movie that I think some of people will enjoy!  Everybody who is everybody is familiar with Christian Slater and his iconic status and when you see the role he plays and what happens with his character, some might grin a little by surprise and some might be totally shocked by what happens.  Bottom line is, Playback is a twisty horror-thriller that keeps you wondering what’s going on until the very end! Check out this movie when it releases on Tuesday, May 8th if you’re looking for a new movie you haven’t seen yet.  It’s not the best our of the teen thriller offerings but definitely not the worst!

Studio: Magnet Releasing

Run Time: 98 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features:  Good stuff!

  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • HDNet: A Look At Playback
  • Trailer

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