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MACABRE is directed by Kimo StamboelTimo Tjahjanto and stars Shareefa Daanish, Ario Bayu, Julie Estelle, Ruly Lubis, Daniel Mananta and Arifin Putra.

One of the biggest trends this day and age are foreign horror movies. It’s something about movies outside of the U.S. that really get the attention of people who are horror fans. Whether it be a ghost story from Japan, a zombie film from Italy or a monster movie from Korea, we love our foreign horror. MACABRE is an Indonesian movie that I’ve heard about recently through some forums and at local conventions. The average from everybody was that it needed to be seen. I have my DVD copy and I’m ready to view it.

MACABRE is about a group of friends traveling through the countryside and decides to stop and help a young woman. They will not imagine the nightmare that this act of kindness will soon unleash. After accepting an invitation to dinner from the rescued woman’s mother, the night turns into a nightmarish hell for the group of friends. Trapped in an isolated home in the woods, the friends find themselves hunted down a cult-like family born and raised to systematically eliminate unsuspecting passers-by for one questionable reason.

First off, this is a most excellent movie! A little gory and disturbing in some areas, but overall great film. I’m a big fan of movies that use practical effects over the use of CG or look away effects. This movie delivers on using effects that really drive home on what this movie is about; survival. The effects were so great that at some points, you couldn’t tell the difference between real or fake. Along with the effects, the storyline was great. Yes it was similar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre in some areas, but the actors and the emotionally driven scenes carried the movie in a different direction from the other movie. The only bad thing that I could find in viewing this film was the sound quality. That’s really it. I’m guessing that if the distribution company had a better audio format, this movie would of been almost perfect.

Overall, this film is really good. I highly recommend this movie if you loved the Safe Haven segment from VHS2, you will love this movie since it has the same team from that segment making this film. This is definitely a movie that brings in a lot of tension with twists and turns. You can either watch this with a group of people or on your own because it is that good. It does feel like a foreign version Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a lot of similarities, but the acting and the suspense that this movie brings is where they differ entirely. You get a great blend of gore and prosthetic effects that really make this movie something great. If there isn’t a MACABRE 2 in the works, there seriously needs to be one. It was that good.

Distributor: Gorylah Pictures

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rated: Not Rated


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