I must say watching LAKE EFFECTS that originally aired on the Hallmark  Movie Channel back in May, came as a pleasant surprise since I usually avoid movies like this. The amazing all-star cast and a really touching story made this movie a pretty cool watch.

Lake Effects follows two sisters, Sara (Scottie Thompson) and Lily (Madeline Zima) who lead two completely different lives. Sara movied away and is a successful LA attorney and Lily, stayed in their small town and is an art teacher.

What happens is their father (Jeff Fahey) accidentally kills himself because of a foolish bad habit of his. Sara flies home to help take care of the funeral, thinking she’ll be in and out in no time but she finds out their mother (Jane Seymour) needs her more than she thought as she was left in a sort of financial problem with the estate. The longer Sara stays in her home town the more she remembers how simple of a life it was, meeting up with old friends and she also finds out the truth about a grudge she held all these years against her father.

Lake Effects has an amazing cast that makes the movie even more enjoyable than it is. Rounding out this awesome cast are Casper Van Dien and Sean Patrick Flanery who both play great parts and we also see Ben Savage, Richard Moll and Richard Riehle, these three compliment the movie as its comedy relief, otherwise this thing would have gotten a little too dark for this one right here.

Jeff Fahey also does a great job even after his untimely demise, He kind of shows up in Sara’s imagination possibly or maybe he’s a ghost but they do get a chance to work out the problem she’s been carrying around inside her all these years. To be honest, Jane Seymour isn’t even in the movie too much, it tells the story of these two sisters and learning to forgive and trust again. I have to be honest, I kind of liked this movie!  I don’t know if I’d call it a classic but I think there are lots of people who will enjoy it and can probably even relate to the story.

Bottom line is, Lake Effects is a pretty cool movie. It’s one the whole family can sit down and watch (the guys might get a little bored with it) but the cast is amazing and there are some lighthearted moments so the movie isn’t just one depressing moment after another.

Distributor: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 109 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features:

  • The Ripple Effect: The Making Of Lake Effects
  • Deleted Scenes
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