DVD Review: Killer Eye Halloween Haunt

So here is a movie review of another film classic from the world famous movie company Full Moon Features. Full Moon Features is the movie company that brought people the awesome classics such as Puppet Master, Trancers, Demonic Toys and the most recent Evil Bong movies. This movie however is a sequel/spoof of the first Killer Eye movie that was released back in 1999 on VHS. Well, I guess it’s time to get into my review of Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt.

The movie takes place in a large house where our main heroin Jenna resides. She is decorating the place up as a haunted house for Halloween, something that her and her mother have done for several years. She invites…er should I say tricks a few of her hot and busty female friends over to help her out with the decorating. As her friends are helping her decorate, it is told that Jenna’s mom is a witch and collects rare and crazy artifacts from all over the world. One of the items happens to be a crazy energy ball/orb that contains magic powers as it attracts all of the girls attention. As the girls are decorating and are bantering back and forth with sexual jokes and lollypop innuendo’s, one of the girls finds a prop replica of the Killer Eye and a dvd that came with it. So they take a break and pop the movie in and watch it MST3K style. As they are watching the movie, the prop eye slowly starts to get powered and possessed by the energy ball/orb. With an evil miniature eye on the loose in that large house, the girls must do what they can to survive the Killer Eye.

The first thing I noticed in this movie was the cameos or product placement from other Full Moon characters in the opening 5 minutes of the movie. Halloween masks of Killjoy, Gingerdead Man and Baby Oopsie and other props from the Full Moon franchises litter the house. As I stated before, the women in this movie are hot and Charles Band does know how to pick hot girls for his movies. Unfortunately, they don’t know a thing about acting or dialog. But to be honest, I really wasn’t watching the movie for their verbal and acting skills. The blood effects were actually pretty good for most part and so were some some of the camera shots. The special cg effects were very limited and could have been better if more time was spent to improve them. Did I mention that the girls were hot in this movie?

The movie was a good fun film that had it’s decent share of good and bad moments. I did appreciate the product placement of the Full Moon merch in the movie as it kinda acknowledged the other movies as part of it’s library. Some of the balance in the movie was for every 3 or 4 bad jokes or puns that were delivered, you got a good shot of some nice boob as a reward. I can see this movie as being something that you would watch with a group of friends and include a drinking game. It is much better than the first Killer Eye movie and also pokes fun at the original too. All in all, it was a fun and classic B style movie that deserves at least 1 viewing.

Studio: Full Moon Features

Run Time: 71 minutes

Rated: NR


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