JESSE was written and directed by Fred Carpenter and stars Stephanie Finochio aka “Trinity” from WWE/TNA/ECW fame, William Forsythe, Armand Assante and Eric Roberts.

This 2011 gritty, action- thriller follows Jesse (Finochio), a troubled,  New York police detective that drinks way too much, she smokes way too much and she like to get into fights. Sounds good, doesn’t it! Well, just hold on a minute.

What happens is, Jesse’s brother gets involved with the Mafia and he ends up disappearing. Jesse decides to investigate his disappearance and this takes her on an even more risky road than what she is used to living. When her innocent mother ends up getting beaten because of all that’s going on, Jesse becomes even more violent and she takes it to those guilty. With Jesse having both a good side and a bad side, she also has these types in her life, an understanding bartender (Roberts), Internal Affairs detective (Assante), and the local Mafia Godfather (Forsythe) all have a place in her life.

The hot tempered cop decides that she’ll protect what’s left of her family any way she can even though she has sworn to uphold the law. The reckless Jesse literally throws herself right in the middle of the underworld to find the answers that she’s looking for and it all ends u taking her to the ones responsible for her brother’s disappearance and a surprising discover. In the end, Jesse exacts some brutal revenge and retribution for all of the wrong doings against her family.

This DVD packing comes with a slip cover with the artwork you see up top. The back includes movie details and several images from the movie. Inserting the disc, the menu was simple and easy to navigate.

Bottom line is, Jesse  is indeed a gritty action-thriller but it is also missing so much to make it a good movie. It looks very amateurish at times and some of the acting isn’t all that good either. Finochio is a bad-ass and she’s sort of fun to watch but the movie just isn’t all that interesting of a watch. Even throwing in familiar face like Roberts, Assante and Forsythe aren’t enough to save this movie. This DVD releases on August 12th but be warned, it’s a stinker.

Distributor: ARC Entertainment

Run Time: 86 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: None

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