Checking out HELL’S LABYRINTH on DVD was pretty much the equivalent to sticking needles in my eyes for almost 90 minutes.  A movie from writer/director Drew Maxwell that should have been so much more and fails in every way.

In the beginning of the movie we see Kate break down on a road in the middle of nowhere and then chased down on foot by a strange looking pale man, who looks evil.  She wakes to find herself trapped in a small chamber. She realizes she’s not the only prisoner, as nineteen others share the same fate. Hunted by demonic creatures, the group must band together if they are to escape the hellish labyrinth and survive the onslaught. One by one the group is taken out until only a few remain and escape.

Ok, first off, never make a movie if you don’t have the resources to pull it off. This is a green screen movie that looks like a complete amatuer did it. I’ve seen many video game trailers that look better than this and this is exactly what it reminded me of, a video game trailer poorly done! Another thing is the story was a mess, it lost me early on and it was hard to make any sense of what was going on here. Most of the acting was sub-par as well, not all of it but come on.  The action scenes had hardly any action or direction in them. Fighting off CG demons that aren’t really there takes a little more time and rehearsal. And getting to the demon, this is the main thing that made me think I was watching a live-action video game trailer, a really bad one.  The CG is bad but I will say this, the green screen backgrounds and models were pretty cool but that’s it.

Bottom line is beware of this movie! I always try to find something to like in all the movies I watch but Hell’s Labyrinth one lost me early on and I just had no interest in it at all. Watch at your own risk when the DVD release on April 17th!

Distributor: MTI Home Video

Cast: Leah RoseRyan SchauflerTom LodewyckMatt UkenaEdy CullenNick DriessenKaty CollotonChris Flieller, Adrienne Rusk

Run Time: 89 Miinutes

Rated: NR


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  1. top teck says:

    This is the dumbiest low budget movie i have seen i forever plot sucks storyline is horrible and graphics my 4 yr old draws better pictures

  2. reviews says:

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