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XLrator Media has announced the home video release of the award-winning indie horror film FOUND is an indie horror film that has won multiple awards all over the world. The movie was helmed by first-time director Scott Schirmer, produced by Leya Taylor and Damien Wesner and is based on the novel by Todd Rigney, who co-wrote the screenplay with Schirmer. Found stars Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck.

The movie follows Marty (Brown), a normal looking fifth grader who gets picked on and bullied at school. At home when you first meet his family everything seems so normal but when you take a closer look, his parents just aren’t tuned into Marty and what’s going on in his life. There’s also Marty’s big brother Steve (Philbeck) who is hiding a big secret, he is a serial killer.

Marty accidentally finds out this horrifying secret by simply going into his big bro’s room one day and opening up of all things his bowling bag and guess what’s in it. No, not a bowling ball but a human head. This is where Marty’s world begins to get turned upside down and changes forever. Steve eventually finds out that Marty knows his secret but he also finds out that Marty’s life is already filled with sadness from being picked on at school to how their parents treat him. Needless to say, there is a strong brotherly bond between these two, sort of.

As human beings, we all have a breaking point and in this coming-of-age story, Marty finally comes to his. Not only does the kid begin to stand up for himself, thanks to a little help and guidance from his serial killer brother, but he also gets a little fun revenge along the way. After all that this kid goes through, it’s good to watch him get a little payback on some of the people that have hurt him. This is the upside to the movie but there’s also a downside for Marty. After learning his brother’s secret, he ends up scarred by the end of the movie, to a point that he’ll never be the same again. In fact, his entire family will never be the same again! This scarring is also courtesy of his big bro Steve, who was just trying to help. Hey, I know better ways to help a kid out than what just happened here but with people in this warped state of mind, they actually think they are doing some good.

Okay, this movie is a really good one and if you’re starved for a movie with a shocking and disturbing ending, here’s one for you! For a low budget indie film, everything is pretty much all done just right, from the picture and sound quality which so many indie horror romps still fail at, to the amazing acting, to the sick looking special effects, it’s just all done really well. This coming-of-age story is fantastic and is like a mixture of a Goosebumps episode that meets full blown horror. Getting to the acting, the brother bond between these two is the key to everything here in Found and Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck did an outstanding job here. I also have to add that first time director Scott Schirmer did a great job telling this story and bringing it all to life on screen.

The front of the DVD packaging features the artwork you see up top. The back includes movie details, a picture of the two brothers and list of extras. Inserting the disc, the menu screen was simple and easy to navigate and the picture and sound quality were both good.

Bottom line is, Found is a really good movie that should not be missed. It truly is a coming-of-age story that meets full blown horror. This DVD releases on September 26th and is definitely worth a watch!

Distributor: XLrator Media

Run Time: 103 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: Good Stuff!

  • Full uncut version of “Head,” the movie within a movie
  • Full uncut version of Deep Dwellers”
  • Commentary by director Scott Schirmer and author Todd Rigney
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