DEADLY RENOVATIONS follows a group of friends who actually don’t go into the woods this time but instead head off to do some remodeling at this old hotel and then things quickly get bloody bad for them!

Like I said, this group of friends head off to renovate an old hotel that actually has millions of dollars hidden in it somewhere so guess what, we have bad guys who show up looking for the stash. When the friends start getting brutally slaughtered one by one the two factions become aware that the others are there and they’re all being targeted, well most of them.

There’s plenty of twists and kills in Deadly Renovations story that it definitely kept my attention for the full ride. All of the acting was excellent along with some amazing death scenes that horror fans will appreciate. We don’t get to see too many of these in movies today!  Getting to the cast, we have some familiar faces including DJ Perry who leads the charge and is the key ingredient to making this movie something pretty cool. Lana Wood also shines in her scenes and plays an important part in what’s going on here plus we have  Johnny Dark, Terence Knox, Fred Griffith, Anthony Hornus, Tommy Lynch, Shawn Rougeron, Dean Mauro,  Tracilyn Jones who all put on a great show!  The camera work and sound are also done very well and that sometimes is a problem with the lower budget movies like this one.  Director Robert H. Gwinn captured everything he need to make this one a fun watch, blood, boobs, then more blood and more boobs!

Deadly Renovations has a little bit of everything for the horror fan and really fits right in with several of my favorite horror movies. It has a cool story with a few twists. Good guys and bad guys getting knock off so it leaves you wandering who the heck the killer is for a while and it has a pretty sweet ending that leaves it open for more! The kills are inventive to say the least. We’re all so used to seeing a slasher with a big knife or razor sharp claws but how about a nail gun and a hatchet, well, we’ve kind of seen that one before but not as intense, just rust me on this one! Yes, all good stuff and creative for a horror flick!

Bottom line is, I really enjoyed Deadly Renovations and I suggest you give this one a try! I think horror fans will appreciate it for several reasons! Catch this movie on DVD when it releases on August 21st.

Distributor: Midnight Releasing

Run Time: 84 Minutes

Rated: ?

Special Features: Not available at time of screening

Here’s what the Midnight Releasing website has down for extras::

  • -Director Commentary
  • -Blooper Reel
  • -Behind the VFX
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