DVD Review: CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER (aka Souls for Sale)


In the 1962 film CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATERVincent Price faces the death of 1,000 cuts in this delirious pulp adventure directed by Touch of Evil producer Albert Zugsmith. Returning to San Francisco after a long stay in the Orient, two-fisted mercenary Gilbert De Quincey (Price) finds himself caught in the midst of a Tong war. Descending deep below the surface of Chinatown, he plays one side against the other in a daring attempt to break up a human trafficking ring, where slave girls are auctioned for opium.

The movie is in black and white. It has that weird creepy feel to it so fans of Vincent Price will not be disappointed there but it gets really weird at times or at least it did for me.  The movie reminds me of The Serpent and the Rainbow and anybody who watches it can see the resemblance. So now you know where that movie possibly got its influence from. The more realistic zombie vibe, the dark atmosphere the movie possesses and of course the iconic Vincent Price in a heroic role.

The movie has a cool story, a little action and some really great locations and scenery which help give it that darker tone I mentioned earlier.  Some of the acting is a little cheesy and overdone but I know that happened a lot in these older classics. No strikes there.

Bottom line is, Confessions of an Opium Eater  was a really weird watch but I’ll say weird in a good way! Fans of  Vincent Price and older movies like this should really give it a watch, especially this time of year!

Distributor: Warner Archive

Run Time: B&W 85 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: None

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