camp dread

CAMP DREAD was written and directed by B Harrison Smith and stars Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose with special makeup FX by Cleve “Monster Man” Hall.

The movie follows a group of troubled teenagers who are picked to compete on a reality show based on the “Summer Camp” horror franchise. The camp is run by Julian Barrett, a former 80’s film director behind the horror franchise who promises the winner of this new reality show will receive a huge prize that includes fame and a million dollars. The thing is with this horror themed competition is, everyone begins dying!

Upon arrival, everything is pretty normal for the teens except the fact they can’t get along with each other, well some can and some can’t. It really doesn’t take long for things to begin to happen and the teen’s paranoia (along with their greed and cheating ways) begin to get the best of them and  this helps with some of the kills, like watching a group scatter brains running around in panic mode, blindly stepping into traps. Without spoiling how this movie goes into its finale, let’s just say that it’s Survivor meets Summer Camp with all kinds of horror elements mixed in to make it enjoyable and of course the competition has its winner, or does it?

Okay, so I really liked the plot to the story with these troubled teens getting sent to this camp. The camp serves more than one purpose because up front it serves as this last chance stop for this group of troublemakers and it also gives them some motivation because there’s a huge goal here, if anyone can finish the competition. All of the acting was great but it was Eric Roberts who stole the show. Roberts can play a great bad guy but still make him likable, you know that shady used car salesman type and he pulls it off with flying colors and with a smile! As far as Danielle Harris goes, she’s not in the movie too much but her character does play a pretty important part as far as what’s actually going on here. I do wish she would have been in more scenes but she does get to have a little fun at the end! Let’s move on to the blood and gore and I’m happy to say we get plenty without going overboard with the red stuff. There are some fun and original kills that mostly stay with the whole summer camp thing going on here, you know what I mean! Did I mention there’s a deep fryer?

So, does Camp Dread come close with other fan favorite horror movies that took us to camp, classics like Sleepaway Camp, The Burning and even the original Friday the 13th? Well, I think it has a good place with these movies and even though it did have some flaws, so did these old school horror classics. I’m not saying  this movie is a classic like these but it is a fun watch for this horror fan and will keep you guessing until the final scene.

Bottom line is, Camp Dread was a nice throwback to the 80’s slasher genre with plenty of not so innocent victims, red stuff and even a little humor. The setting and location was just perfect and it was fun watching these teens go at it, get personal and run for their lives. This DVD releases on April 15th and is worth a watch!

Distributor: Image Entertainment

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: None Unfortunately

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