CAMEL SPIDERS is the latest creature feature from executive producer Roger Corman and company that puts man against giant spiders, what else?

Checking this movie out on DVD, the first thing I noticed was the CGI which was pulled off great for a low budget movie like this. That and the great cast that includes Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell, Gigi Emata,  Jessica Cameron, Gerald Webb make up this cool movie that features these mysterious camel spiders that show up in a place where you wouldn’t expect to encounter them, a small Southwestern town in Arizona.

The movie follows several small groups outside the small town that all have to fight off these spiders but some unlucky ones end up coming up a little short in their battle against these arachnids. There’s some fun and entertaining kills that involve certain body parts and plenty of blood to boost.  The army of spiders hide in some of the most unusual places, almost like they’re waiting on their prey to show up, almost like it’s planned . They attack, people scream, people run and people die! Did I mention I hate to see a grown man scream like a baby just before he dies? We get that in this movie!  We also, get people fighting back any way they can, from gun fire to coming up with new ways to fend off these killer creatures. We end up with a few survivors going up against the camel spiders in the finale that I would have liked to see last a little longer, but that’s just me.

Jim Wynorski, who is no stranger to these type of movies does a great job directing and he also co-wrote the movie with J. Brad Wilke which isn’t the strongest story out there for a movie like this but still entertaining for what it is. A movie like this doesn’t rely too much on a strong story plot anyway because all the fans want to see is gore and bloodshed plus any kind of inventive and entertaining way to kill or to survive and we get both. As a fan of Wynorski, knowing he was attached to this movie was a draw in its own, he knows how to entertain us and knows what the fans want.

The only downside to the movie is the ending wraps up fairly fast, almost like they run out of budget but it still works. The other is I wanted some special features, at least a commentary or a special F/X featurette. Come on!

Bottom line is if you’re as big of a fan of creature features as I am then be sure to check out Camel Spiders when it releases on March 27th.  Add it to your collection!

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Title: Camel Spiders (2012)

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  1. Mitchel A. Jones says:

    Love these films! I gotta check this one out!

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