Deep within the woods, the Surgeon pursues his perverted experimentation with science and magic on random people that he has kidnapped. His bizarre and maniacal mutilation agenda reaches an apex when he captures a young girl who becomes separated from her twin sister. Years later, Sandra, now a grown woman damaged with the regret that she failed to save her sister now returns to face her deepest fears. As if summoned across space and time the Surgeon rises from the shadows to resume his sinister agenda but this time, Sandra will claim her revenge for destroying the hopes and dreams of so many innocent lives. The maze that surrounds the woods becomes the stage of a Paranormal battle without equal, Ghosts and Zombies are sent from the bowels of hell to reclaim the damned soul of the Surgeon.

One thing that I must say is that I am a big fan of Italian horror movies. They tend to be more gory and usually have much better practical effects. With that being said, Bloodline did deliver the good on that aspect. The gore, the zombie and the death effects were all fantastic in the way that they were done. The blood splatters gave that classic Italian horror feel and the makeup delivered he same as well. Unfortunately, that was the only saving quality of this film. The storyline and the acting was not all that great. The characters were mostly bland and the storyline was trying to hard to capture that Bava or Argento type of style that it lost any kind of uniqueness. The music and sound were decent, but there were times when both sound and background noise were mixed that one was overpowering the other. It’s not good when you have a movie fighting with itself over sound.

To sum it up, this movie could be considered a good party movie if plenty of beer or alcohol was served. The acting performance will either have you cringing, laughing or shaking your head. Other than that, wait for it to come out on Netflix or on a basic cable channel. I wouldn’t suggest searching this movie out, but if it’s on do try to stay awake watching it. It’s not that bad, but it’s also not that good either.


Distributor: Chemical Burn

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rated: NR


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