Ok, watching BLACK LIMOUSINE I thought I knew what I was getting in to but this movie delivered something entirely different, dark and kind of special. David Arquette delivered a performance I wont forget!

In Black Limousine we follow Arquette’s character Jack MacKenzie who is an out of work Hollywood composer who pays the bills by driving a limo or is trying to. What we learn as the movie plays along is that Jack is battling some huge demons and is a recovering alcoholic who is really down on his luck and has gone through a tragic loss in his life.

MacKenzie meets up with Erica (Bijou Phillips) who is an aspiring singer and is a little unstable in her own right. The two get a little close and in Jack’s mind they are a lot closer. Jack also bonds with a new client, Thomas Brewer (Nicholas Bishop) who immediately remembers Jack’s work and seems to be interested in helping him get back into the game, but that’s also only in Jack’s mind. You see, what we learn is, Jack is slowly losing his sanity and every little thing that he goes through on top of his tragedy takes him one step closer to the edge until he gets to his breaking point and we get to see that.  As Jack goes through some new obstacles he revisits what exactly happened in his life that got him to this point and we get to see  this in some flashbacks. When we get to the end of the movie we find out we’ve been on a heartbreaking and haunted ride with Jack in his Black Limousine.

Wow! I have to give kudos to director Carl Colpaert for putting together such a dark, haunting and touching film like this. Arquette is really something to watch and  the supporting cast is nothing short of amazing! Lin Shaye‘s character helps Jack take a few steps closer to the edge and she always delivers no matter what project she’s in. Seriously, if Lin Shaye is in a movie then I’m watching it! Vivica A. Fox also has a small part in the movie so be on the look out for her. Getting back to Colpaert, his camera captures everything that makes the story of Black Limousine what it is. From capturing Arqutte’s facial expressions during his downward spiral to some of the comedic scenes in the movie, he didn’t miss a thing! Freaking outstanding!

Bottom line is I highly recommend Black Limousine to everyone looking for something new and different to watch. The movie really is something twisted, special and so original!  Black Limousine releases on DVD on July10th.

Distributor: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 101 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features:  None!

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  1. Stenc_ILL says:

    Just saw this film and agree it is SOMETHING ELSE! My head is still spinning right now, not sure what happened but I liked it! I need to see this again right away! Loved DAVID ARQUETTE!!! Best film acting I;’ve seen from him, actually didn’t know he had it in him! Great! Thanks to this review for steering me in the right path!

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