ABC PosterLately, the trend of anthology horror movies have started making a comeback as it should. The common anthology movie usual ranges from having around 3 to 5 stories total per film. ABC’s of Death however, has 26 different segments. That’s 26 completely different stories in one single movie. So after hearing about how crazy this movie is, it’s time to review this film.

ABC’s of Death has great special effects, make up design, zombies and crazy death scenes. Most of all, the scripts and the actors who played them were all really well done. The stand out segment would have to be either letter “H” or letter “W”. Those two segments not only were the two that were the most entertaining, but they were also the most creative. The makeup specifically for “H” was very top notch and looked better than most big budget summer blockbusters. I don’t want to go into detail as to what that segment was about, but it is an interesting story when you get to it. Now with the good also comes the bad and the weakest segment on this film had to go to “M” or “I”. Both of these stories were too vague and felt like they were only were there for the shock value. It’s not that they were bad, it’s just that they didn’t go with the flow with most of the other stories.

To sum it up, I highly recommend watching this movie if you are a fan of such film like Machine Girl or V/H/S. The segments are overall enjoyable and the range from horror to dark comedy to simple visual elements. Combine that with the time limit of just over 2 hours, and you get a good variety of horror and other wackiness. You can watch this with a group of friends to guess the word for the letter per segment or just to sit back and watch something different.

Distributor: Magnet

Run Time: 130 minutes

Rated: NR


  • Trailers
  • Audio commentary
  • Behind the Scenes on Certain Letters
  • Deleted Scenes
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