monsterous holiday

A young inventor named Andy, reaches out to his neighbor Doctor Frankenstein to help him win the upcoming science fair. But, finding the Doctor not to be at home, he meets the next best thing, Frankenstein’s monster; who turns out to be a teenager like himself. While Frankenstein takes Andy’s place on the football team, Andy uses Frankenstein’s knowledge and lab to find an invention for the fair. But when he inadvertently creates a monster of his own, they must work together to save the town and Halloween!

A MONSTEROUS HOLIDAY includes the voice talents of Brooke ShieldsJon Heder, Sean AstinMatthew LillardDrake Bell and Kyle Chandler.

The movie follows Andy who meets up with Frank aka Frankenstein and the two quickly become good friends. They decide to sort of swap roles since each of them likes what the other is doing at the time. One likes football and the other likes science!  So the two trade up but end up having to reunite to save the town when Frank’s pet monster gets out and begins to wreak havoc.

I enjoyed this short animated adventure and I’m sure kids will. I’m not a huge fan of this style of animation but the story and characters were fun and when you add the amazing voice talent that this movie features, it just adds to the fun experience.

The packaging comes with a slip cover that features Andy and Frank on the front. The back includes movie details and several images from the animated adventure. Once you slip in the DVD there’s also a fun animated menu that shows clips from the movie in the background.

Bottom line is, A Monsterous Holiday is a fun animated adventure that will appeal to a much younger audience out there. Hey, little kids love Halloween too just like the big kids do! This DVD releases on October 15th so if you’re looking for something fun and innocent for your kiddos to watch this Halloween, this is a good one.

Distributor: ARC Entertainment

Run Time: 44 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

Special Features: None

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