DREDD 3D: Say No To “Slo-Mo” Public Service Announcement Plus New Viral Sites Launch

DREDD 3D will be blasting into theaters on September 21st and we have some more treats to share today. Head inside to check out the new PSA plus some new viral sites that have launched.

Attention Mega-City One residents: This is a Public Service Announcement about the dangers of using the illicit substance known as “Slo-Mo.” Please be aware that “Slo-Mo” is an illegal drug. Any citizen seen using “Slo-Mo” will be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law.

For more information on “Slo-Mo” and the latest news on Mega-City One, please read the Dredd Report here: dreddreport.com

Other new viral sites are The Peach Tree News, based on the 200-story high city-block featured in the film and saynotoslomo.com, which redirected to a YouTube video condemning the use of the film’s fictional narcotic.

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