Director Timo Vuorensola talks “Iron Sky”, future projects…and Sarah Palin

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have not heard of “Iron Sky”.  It’s a witty sci fi romp depicting a modern Nazi invasion…from the moon.  Finnish director Timo Vuorensola helms the film and recently caught flack from those on the conservative right in the U.S. for making an “un-American” film.  Having watched the film, I think they’re reaching.  If a moon-Nazi dark-comedy sounds like you’re thing, then you need to see this film.  Also, Timo’s busy hatching several new projects including a sequel to “Iron Sky”.  We were fortunate enough to catch up with Timo recently for a short Q &A:

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 SENTINEL: So “Iron Sky”, a moon-Nazi movie!  What was the inspiration for the film?

TIMO: Moon Nazis is a persistent rumour that’s been circling around the Internet and before Internet around the conspiracy theorists’ books and texts since… well, since the end of Second World War. Different takes on the theory either suggest that Nazis had technology to travel to Moon by the end of the war, and the wildest one suggest they did, and established a base on the Moon. Basically, we took that idea and ran with it, wrote a script and observed where the lunacy took us.

SENTINEL: I was skeptical when I first watched the film, but this is a pretty funny and amazingly done flick.  Has it opened any doors for you?

TIMO: It sure has! Apart from having traveled around the world the whole last year, I’ve also launched 4 different film productions which I’ll be completing in the next years. My schedule is quite packed with films until 2017 at the moment.

Iron Sky President

SENTINEL: I watch a lot of foreign films.  Was there a particular reason you went with English language as a Finnish director?

TIMO: The language decision was based on the requirements of the story. I was very adamant that Nazis speak old German and Americans, well, speak American.

 SENTINEL: You’ve recently become the target of some Sarah Palin fans because of a tweet Netflix made in describing “Iron Sky”.  As a libertarian I found the President character hilarious and saw more than a few similarities with the Alaskan governor.  Some fanatics are even calling the film “Anti-American” on imdb.  What’s your take on the ordeal?

TIMO: My intention was to ridicule the carnivalistic nature of international politics, not specifically attack any country or any specific politic or politician with the film. It is anti-idiocy film, but definitely not an anti-American. One thing that surprised me about all the commotion was that people still find Sarah Palin relevant. But if I angered right-wing bigots with my film, I consider my job well done.


SENTINEL: You have two more films in the works according to IMDB.  What can you tell us about “Paris I’ll Kill You”, “Jeremiah Harm” and “I Killed Adolf Hitler”? 


TIMO: “Jeremiah Harm” is a science fiction action film I’m working on at the moment; probably the next film I’ll shoot. “Paris I’ll Kill You” is a short film directed by 7-8 different directors, all shooting 10-minute horror films set in Paris, and “I Killed Adolf Hitler” is a time travel story we have a script ready for and we are looking for funding. We’ve just also launched Iron Sky sequel titled “IRON SKY THE COMING RACE”, which we’ll be heavily crowd-funding and hopefully shooting somewhere around 2015.

SENTINEL: “Paris I’ll Kill You” also features the directing talents of folks like Joe Dante (Gremlins) and Christian Alvert (Pandorum).  Not a bad couple of guys to be mixed in with.  Are you a fan?

TIMO: Especially with Joe Dante for sure! I’m proud to be counted in that posse! 


SENTINEL: You’ve done fan-funding with “Iron Sky” and are in the process with “I Killed Adolf Hitler”.  Has crowd-sourcing been a helpful process for you?  How do you feel about major studios creeping in on the action?

TIMO: With “Iron Sky” we fan-funded about 1.5 million USD, but with “I Killed Adolf Hitler” we are not doing crowd-funding at the moment. I believe fan funding should be reserved to those productions that need to exist and compete outside the studio system.  It all gets muddled and shitty once studios start to use crowd-funding as their viral marketing campaign. But it doesn’t mean well-established filmmakers or franchises shouldn’t be using crowd-funding for independent productions.. 

SENTINEL: A few of your films have been based on graphic novels.  Are you a comic book guy? I’m a career geek.  What floats your boat as far as video games?  Any other awesome geekdom you can recommend?

TIMO: I’m a comic book guy. Not Con-active, but I enjoy my comic books every now and then. I also play a lot of video games. Well, not as much as some, but I do play quite a lot. Right now I’m going through my second major play-through of Skyrim; usually I enjoy good story-driven first person adventure games. Recently I’ve played such games as Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored. There’s even a game out of Iron Sky, titled Iron Sky Invasion, but I’m yet to play it (it just came out yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to play it yet). 


SENTINEL: What are some of your favorite films that you think are totally underrated and wish more people knew about?

TIMO: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Junior (yeah, the Arnold Schwarzenegger one!)

Dead Snow

 Thanks so much to Timo for taking the time to chat with us.  Check out the indiegogo campaign for the upcoming “Iron Sky” sequel here:


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