DAYS OF THE DEAD Horror Convention Announces Los Angeles Date and Venue

DAYS OF THE DEAD spreads “The Infection” to the West Coast as it plants its flag in the City of Angels for Spring 2013.


In what can be considered the most anticipated news since its innaugural show announcement, DAYS OF THE DEAD officially turns months of teasing into a concrete reality with the announcement of the brand’s newest expansion show – DAYS OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles, scheduled for April 5th – 7th, 2013, and being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. Standing as one of the largest convention centers in the country, the site has hosted such events as Anime Expo, The Video Game Awards, The LA Auto Show, and E3, and will now serve host to the most ambitious horror convention in recent memory.

Los Angeles marks the 4th city DAYS OF THE DEAD has staked a claim in, with shows already established in Indianapolis and Atlanta, as well as an upcoming November show in Chicago.

Information for DAY OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles have been very closely guarded, but the following details are now being made to the public:

– Each day will feature a different guest list comprised of roughly 30-40 celebrity guests. The guest list will change completely each day and be replaced with a new group of 30-40 celebrities. The total number of celebrity guests for the entire weekend will pass 100.

– Fans can expect quite a few complete cast reunions at the show, including some that have never been done before.

– DAYS OF THE DEAD: LA will be working with various charitable organizations in conjunction with the show. Many of the celebrities coming in each day will be donating their autograph proceeds to charity. Furthermore, there are talks to work with a reputable prop and memorabilia dealer to run a special auction with proceeds also going to charity. The goal is to have DAYS OF THE DEAD: LA be the biggest horror related charitable fundraising effort ever executed.

– Aside from a massive show with over 100 guests, DAYS OF THE DEAD: LA will be looking to partner with other local attractions to offer exclusive deals and discounts to patrons, making the event more attractive to travelers as they can also have other things to do and see while in the area outside of the convention (though with as many events as we plan to hold, we doubt you’ll have the time).

“Our goal has always been to go big or not go at all, and in bringing DAYS OF THE DEAD to Los Angeles, we plan  to create the kind of massive horror event that is only possible in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the country and home to most of the genre’s biggest stars,” says co-promoter Adolfo G. Dorta. “We wouldn’t have ventured to the west coast unless we could do the kind of event that could only be done in Los Angeles and no other place in the world.”

DAYS OF THE DEAD promises to make more announcements for what promises to be a historic convention event very, very soon.

For information on other DAYS OF THE DEAD events, including Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Chicago, visit

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