Creepy New Poster For HAUNT Comes Screaming In


Head inside to to check out the creepy new poster for IFC Midnight’s upcoming supernatural thriller HAUNT, releasing on Digital and On Demand February 7th followed by a limited theatrical release on March 7th and afterwards on DVD and Blu-ray.


A family of five moves into a beautiful, sprawling dream home. One problem: it’s cursed, having caused the deaths of the previous family to occupy it, leaving only one survivor (Jacki Weaver). The moody 18-year-old son and his mysterious new neighbor/girlfriend inadvertently awaken something in the house while also violently shaking the many skeletons in the many closets. Mac Carter’s atmospheric debut feature is an unusually character-driven haunted-house film that isn’t afraid to take the action outside.




Source:  Fangoria

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