Contest: Win Sixx: A.M.s New CD "This Is Gonna Hurt"

That’s right my peeps! Alien Bee is officially in the contest game now and there will be no looking back!  I know, your saying this isn’t horror or sci-fi is it Brian? Well, I say it falls under light horror and freakish so it fits right in!

This is Gonna Hurt has 11 songs, which all are strong and powerful. A little different from Life is Beautiful but it’s 100% Sixx: A.M. and I think it’s one of the best albums I’ve listened to in a longtime. If you are an outcast, ever felt down or bad about yourself then you will love this music! It’s for those of us who don’t really fit in anywhere!  Big thanks to Eleven Seven Music and Sixx: A.M.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

  • Like Alien Bee on Facebook
  • Follow Alien Bee aka Brian__S on Twitter
  • Sign in and leave a comment below on your favorite Sixx: A.M. or Motley Crue song.
  • The contest ends on Saturday, June 11th, a winner will be picked, I’ll contact you on Facebook or Twitter and have the CD mailed off to you!

Band Bio:

When Nikki Sixx, James Michael and Dj Ashba get together, something special happens. The last time the super group aligned as Sixx:A.M., their first album, 2007’s The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack gave birth to the single, “Life Is Beautiful,” which became radio’s most-played rocksong of 2008. They joined the Crüe Fest tour and played for more than half a million rock fans with Michael at the mic, Dj on guitar and Sixx on bass. Recently, they rejoined to create This Is Gonna Hurt, their second album and the second soundtrack to a New York Times best selling book by Nikki Sixx. The 11-track companion CD hits stores May 3rd.

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    So many songs to choose from. Honestly, "Life is Beautiful" from SIXX:AM is a killer track, but "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" by Motley Crue is by far my favorite.

  2. chris blair says:

    "kick start my heart"is what i listen to at 5am on my way to work in the morning to get me woke up and ready for the day.

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