Contest: Win A Copy Of ‘PIRANHA 3DD’ On Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack

Here’s a wet and wild contest for all of you peeps! PIRANHA 3DD hits store shelves this Tuesday, August 4th and we’ve been given a copy to give away on 3D Blu-ray+Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy Combo Pack courtesy of our friends at Anchor Bay! Head inside for more!


  • Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite kill scene from any of the Piranha movies (old or new). Yeah, that’s easy enough aint it! I know my Piranha movies too so you can’t make it up or I’ll know!
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  • The contest ends on Tuesday, September 4th. (Street Date). We’ll pick the winner and have the Combo Pack mailed off.
  • Open to U.S. residents only!

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  1. Suicidefoxx says:

    Got to be the underwater scuba sex death scene from the opening scene in the original Piranha 2.

  2. Jim Haggerty says:

    I have to say the one that sticks out in my mind the most was in Piranha 3D when they fed Jerry O’Connell to the Piranhas. That was pretty ferocious and kind of disturbing. That’s what I’d have to go with!

  3. James L. Edwards says:

    My favorite has got to be the Richard Dreyfuss cameo in PIRANHA 3-D. Nice tip of the hat to JAWS and really showed that Dreyfuss not only had a sense of humor, but was cool enough to donate his paycheck to charity afterwards.

  4. bill norris says:

    the incredibly hot girl on girl kissing scene when they went off in a little group for a mini party and they had to survive the sinking boat… but yeah the hot girl on girl kissing scene

  5. Tom Bryce says:

    Eli Roth’s Death in the 2010 Remake!

  6. elizabeth gray says:

    The Penis Burp is just Special in the AJA’s Piranha! Love it!

  7. Delton Perrodin says:

    While the Richard Dreyfus, Eli Roth and Jerry O’Connell kill(ed) scenes are all very cool and inventive, the old school ones from Joe Dante’s original “Piranha” are still my favorites – and the one with Keenan Wynn sitting on a pier with his feet in the water is still just as disturbing today as it was back in the day. That poor old dude really didn’t deserve that.

  8. Eric King says:

    The entire Lake Victoria blood bath sequence from Aja’s movie is epic.

  9. Alfredo Flores says:

    In Piranha 3DD… David Koechner’s decapitation as he watches that girl with huge tits is epic… and the way his head lands over another chick’s boobs is just too random and hilarious!

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