Contest: Win A Copy Of BATTLE ROYALE On Blu-ray

Ok, so you found the new site. SURPRISE! All we want you to do from here is leave a comment below. It can be about BATTLE ROYALE or the new look Alien Bee will be launching soon. the site is getting a major face lift if you haven’t noticed.

Don’t forget to send that email HERE and give us your name and mailing address with the article title in the subject line .

Head back over to the old site for now.

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  1. Indieflmkr says:

    F’Yeah! It’s about freakin’ time!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    BATTLE ROYALE looks awesome!

  3. Jason walsh says:

    Im very excited about the release of Battle Royale so I entered the contest. I remember years ago a friend somehow got a crappy copy of it but we loved watching it. I really hope I win this contest.

  4. David Lillard says:

    I LUVS Sci-Fi. 8*)

  5. Thomas Dorst says:

    I’ve been holding on to the special edition PAL DVD from the UK for years now. It would be great to finally get to watch it properly, and in HD!

  6. Isaac Feldberg says:

    I am very hopeful that I will win this! It looks like an adult version of The Hunger Games, and so doubly awesome!

  7. Derek Reilly says:

    I am so pumped for this release! When I heard about it I almost died.

  8. Mitchel A. Jones says:

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!! All the glory that is Battle Royale in HD Blu Ray?!?!?!?!!?

  9. Ronald Oliver says:

    I would really appreciate winning a copy! It certainly piques my interest, and belongs in my DVD/Blu-ray collection!

  10. Stephen N. says:

    This is possibly your GREATEST giveaway to date!

  11. Aaron Garcia says:

    AB’s new look is awesome. Battle Royal on the other hand is badass.

  12. Steve says:

    Actually, i have never seen this movie!! would be AWESOME to win it!

  13. Ben S. says:

    Love your content-rich website! Continues to look better and better. Also, Battle Royale looks really good (do I get extra credit for spelling it correctly?)!!!

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