Comicpalooza 2013: Michelle Rodriguez Joins Star-Studded Guest List


As if the guest lineup for this year’s Comicpalooza wasn’t already big enough now we get the super-sized news that Michelle Rodriguez will appear. That’s not all, GalactiCon 3 is also taking place on the same weekend  and will be the largest Battlestar Galactica event in the world for 2013.

From the Press Release:

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Michelle Rodriguez, known for her roles in the upcoming movies Fast and the Furious 6 and Machete Kills, as well as for AvatarLost, and Resident Evil, will be coming to Houston Memorial weekend to take part in Comicpalooza as a featured guest. Michelle will be part of an extensive guest lineup that also includes Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Sam Huntington (Being Human), Peter Davison (Doctor Who), Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: DS9), Armin Shimmerman (Star Trek: DS9), Frazer Hines (Doctor Who), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars), Kris Holden-Reid(Lost Girl), Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl), Craig Parker (Spartacus, Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Seeker, Xena), Walter Jones (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), David Yost (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Ian McNeice (Doctor Who, Dune), as well as top comic creators, artists, and writers like Boris Vallejo, Julie BellGeorge PerezChris ClaremontBob LaytonYannick PaquetteMichael GoldenJoe JuskoMatt Frank, Bernie Wrightson Sam de la Rosa, Marat Mychaels, Mat Johnson, Jolly Blackburn, Alan Dean Foster, Jacqueline Carey, Kevin J. Anderson and numerous other writers, artists, craftsmen, and film makers.

Joining Comicpalooza this year is GalactiCon 3, the Battlestar Galactica festival held once every 5 years. GalactiCon 3 will be the largest Battlestar Galactica event in the world for 2013. Comicpalooza and GalactiCon are co-locating so that GalactiCon attendees will have access to Comicpalooza and Comicpalooza attendees will have some access to GalactiCon guests. The GalactiCon 3 guest lineup includes Edward James OlmosJamie BamberTricia Helfer,Michael HoganKandyse McClureAlessandra TorresaniRichard HatchDirk BenedictHerbert Jefferson Jr.,Terry CarterAnne LockhartMichael TruccoAaron DouglasNicki ClyneRekha SharmaKate VernonLeah CairnsLuciana CarroNoah HathawayJack StaufferDr. Kevin GrazierTerrence McDonnell

Comicpalooza also features entertainment from music acts such as Abney ParkArcAttackProfessor Elemental,Frenchy and the Punk, and the Marquis of Vaudeville, as well as comedy, a Stephen King Film Festival,  video gaming,National Wrestling Alliance matches, International Quidditch Association games, live art, a body painting competition, children’s programming, and many other forms of entertainment and activities for the whole weekend..

Sponsors include the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, McDonalds, TimeGate Studios, Bedrock City Comic Company, and Skirmisher Games. Startling Events, LLC is the organizing-events company for Comicpalooza.

For more information, including a complete list of events, guests, admission prices and schedules,

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