Comicpalooza 2012: The Recap

Comicpalooza 2012 was in a what many call a huge success to the comic fans of Houston. While the majority of the comic fans consider the comic conventions of San Diego and New York the only conventions to go to, Comicpalooza has begun to start building a huge reputation in Houston on how a comic convention in Texas should be done. The convention starts on the Friday of Memorial weekend and brings 3 days of joy to any fan of comic books, video games, sci-fi and all things nerdy. With a guest list of some of the top comic writers and artists in the industry today; Christopher Yost, Shane Davis, Bob Eggleton and Joe Kubert, as well as some of the underground artists who are making a great splash on the indy scene; Matt Frank, Juan Ramos, . But like I said earlier, it isn’t just about the comics either. Some of the celebs from Hollywood visited Comicpalooza to a grand reception to meet their fans. The total attendance was double that of last year’s attendance and it definitely showed throughout the convention.

There were musicians and music performances all day and night, wrestling matches happening from 2 different federations, gaming stations and roller derby. Also you had various panels by some of the new and old comic professionals in the industry as well as celebrities doing a few Q&A sessions. There was also an 8 pod linked Mechwarrior VR battle simulator that never seemed to slow down all weekend long. But probably one of the best things to happen at Comicpalooza was an event called “Celebrity Smackdown”. That is where some of the celebs in attendance play a team game of laser tag against one another. Fans and attendees got to see the likes of Kevin Sorbo, George Takei, Michael Biehn, Chandler Riggs and Christopher Judge run around inflatable barriers and boxes shooting each other with laser rifles. That itself is worth half the price of admission right there.

Overall, Comicpalooza was a great time and a lot of fun with very few things to complain about. You could see cos-players and take pictures with steam punk captains or share a conversation with some of the vendors there. The experience was fun and very entertaining to say the least. Will I be attending next year? That answer would be a yes and be a convention that I would be looking forward to all year long.


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