Comic Book Review: One Soul by Ray Fawkes (Oni Press)


If you told me the concept of One Soul before I had a chance to read it, I admit, I would be intrigued.    After reading it though, I think it was a better concept than an idea actually played out.

One Soul collects the stories of eighteen different characters all within the same two pages.  That is to say that there are nine panels (in an even three by three style) per page and then stretched out across two pages; you get a total of eighteen panels in which you see a different story unfold in each.

The contrast is nice, in seeing the similarities and differences between each character as the story takes us literally from the point of birth until death.    I just feel at times that having eighteen different stories going on simultaneously can be a bit much.

Another example of this would simply be to stack eighteen televisions on top of each other and watch eighteen movies at the same time.   That doesn’t seem like as good of an idea as this did on paper, but yet, we are left with similar results.

In a world plagued by A.D.D. (Whether you admit you have it or not) this is the exact type of notion feeding into the belief that if we were to read one story at a time we’d be bored.   It’s the same reason why we constantly channel surf and have to be tuned into Twitter and Facebook whilst watching television or movies.   The human mind is capable of processing these eighteen stories at the same time, but that in no way means that it should.

By Josh

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