Comic Book Review: G.I. Joe: Cobra Command Volume One by Chuck Dixon (IDW Publishing)

These four issues pick up after the events of the great Cobra Civil War, which I mean, quite honestly we all saw coming.   G.I. Joes themselves have this sort of code of ethics, honor if you will, to live by, but there is no honor amongst thieves.   I never got into the Marvel Civil War (I read pieces of it, but found it boring overall) but the idea of having Cobra kind of crumble from within and have to rebuild with a new Cobra Commander makes much more sense to me than anything they did in the Marvel Universe because there’s always been power struggles within the group.

The storyline here is that the new Cobra Commander is invading and conquering a country and the G.I. Joes are struggling to find out why and stop it from happening all at the same time.   It’s very well written and the art is fantastic.   It’s the closest I’ve been reminded of the G.I. Joe I fell in love with as a kid in quite some time and is it progresses I hope it only takes me back even more.

My only gripe with this graphic novel (Which I have had before and will have again) is that Dialtone is female in these pages.   Yes, this is not the first time this has happened.    While I understand that the dynamic between the characters of Dialtone and Mainframe has always been close (They always rode together when I played with the Joes as a kid), I still am not 100% comfortable with Dialtone being a woman and not having that porn star mustache.    And, no, giving the female Dialtone a mustache would not help any.

by Josh

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