Comic Book Review: Daredevil Reborn by Andy Diggle (Marvel)


Right off the bat the only thing that bothers me about this is that the artwork is not done by Jock.   But, he at least does the covers, so I guess I’ll have to take what little I can get.

Where do I start with Daredevil Reborn?   Well, first off, I love Daredevil.   Daredevil is my favorite grownup comic book character, at least in the Marvel sense.   Now I say “grownup” because when I was a kid I really loved Spider-Man so Spidey would be my all-time favorite and then when I got older, discovered more comic books… Well, now Daredevil is my favorite.   And yes, I’ve even seen the version of the movie with Coolio in it.

So the re-launch of Daredevil comes as a sort of treat to me, as I’ll read most anything about DD.  The story starts with Matt Murdock trying to walk away from his past and who he thought he was- a hero- but realizing all along that he has to be who he really is.  This story involves a blind boy who looks up to Matt Murdock as a father figure of sorts, said blind boy’s sort of hooker of a mother, a bunch of locals who look like the type of drunk guys who’d pick a fight at a Nickelback concert, a kingpin who looks like the albino twins from The Matrix movies and, well, a sheriff who looks like Kinky Friedman.

At the end of the story, of course, Matt Murdock returns to New York City and Foggy and everyone lives happily ever after, except for the bad guys of course.   It’s a nice story spanning four issues and the only real problems I had were that of Matt Murdock’s appearance.   When first dressed in all black, he looked like some weird version of The Lone Ranger but without the cowboy hat.  When the mask came out, he looked a lot like the G.I. Joe character Outback.  It must just be something about the ginger beard.

If stories about trading guns for drugs are something that interests you, then I definitely recommend that you read this one.

Review by Josh

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