Comic Book Review: Age Of Ultron Book Six

AoU #6 art
Henry Pym created Ultron to help humanity become better, to make a better world for all. He used his brain patterns as a basis for Ultron and gave it life. Ultron’s sole mission was the safekeeping of Earth no matter the cost. Ultron decided the best way to save humanity would be to remove them. That has been his goal since, the total destruction of all human life. Many times he has come close; the last took the full weight of the Universe to stop him. Or so they thought.

Nick Fury has taken his team of Avengers to the future to face Ultron head on and finally destroy him once and for all. As soon as they appear they realize they have lost their stealth option with Sue Richards. Sue is trying to convince Wolverine that killing Henry Pym is a line they do not cross. Wolverine tries to show here it’s the only option there is. Pym is just trying to understand what is going on.

Fury’s team is grossly outnumbered by Ultronbots and find themselves in a fight they were hoping to avoid. Stark is slowly starting to unravel at the seams as the pressure of the scale of this fight is getting to him.

Sue and Wolverine make a decision that will dramatically change the Marvel Universe. It’s utter Pym-demonium!

– Hotwing

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