Classic 80’s Slasher THE BOOGEY MAN Now Playing on THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL

Hey gang! If you’re looking for one more horror movie to watch before Halloween make sure you check out the classic 80s slasher THE BOOGEY MAN that’s now playing on THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL. Head inside for the details!

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that their Classic 80’s Slasher Film THE BOOGEY MAN is Now Playing on THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL. The late 70’s and early 80’s spawned a slew of great slasher movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th, as well as another Cult Classic known as THE BOOGEY MAN.

SYNOPSIS: 20 years after killing off their mother’s twisted, abusive lover siblings Lacey and Willy find themselves being targeted by his evil spirit after it is released from a mirror that was present during the time of his death. Will they find a way to defeat him or are they and everyone they hold dear destined to die horribly at his hands?

Written and Directed by Ulli Lommel and Starring Suzanna Love, John Carradine and Ron James.

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