Check Out This Cool ‘RED RISING’ MMPR Short Film

Hey gang! Head inside and watch this short film sent over to us called RED RISING, a fan made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers short film and it’s a cool watch and I’m hoping they crank out more MMPR short films! 

The more grounded feeling Red Rising is directed by Shawn Shaman, executive produced by Carlos Shabo and stars Kelsey Bashi (Jason/Red Ranger), Revon Gorges (the worst dressed thug, in blue), Jason Salmo (last thug who gets punched in the face!), Martino Gabrail (the smack talker of the group) and Kristin Ashley Rogers (the damsel in distress).


It’s been 5 years since the last alien invasion, the Rangers have since split up and now live normal lives… Up until today. They each received a familiar call about unidentified beings set to strike earth in less then 48 hours.

While Jason, The Red Ranger, is on his way to the HQ, he discovers a few street thugs up to no good. He decides to get warmed up after his 5 year hiatus… however, nothing could prepare him for what’s heading his way.

Check out behind the scenes pics at:

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