THE SIMPSONS have been celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2014. Can you believe this animated series has been on this long and is still going strong? There have been all kinds of merchandise released this year to help celebrate this great milestone and Abrams has released something really nice for the hardcore fan. THE SIMPSONS FAMILY HISTORY is the perfect companion piece and a great way to wrap up this epic 25th anniversary.

“The Simpsons Family History travels through series creator Matt Groening as he pulls back the curtain and reveals the events that turned this average family into a pop-culture phenomenon. Readers will marvel at hidden they never knew they missed, as all the pieces of Simpsons family history fall into place. This large-format, richly illustrated book is the ultimate family album, and the perfect way to celebrate the Simpson’s 25th anniversary. It is also ┬áthe first Simpsons book to pay tribute to the extraordinary visual artistry that has made The Simpsons the most consistently entertaining, enlightening, and inventive show in the history of television.”

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The Simpsons began airing on FOX back in 1989 and is about to begin its 26th season as a type this up. The record breaking series is the longest running primetime series, scripted television series in history. Every Sunday for 25 years we have invited Homer, Marge, Lisa. Maggie and Bart, along with the rest of the town of Springfield and those special guests into our living rooms. Now we get to this nice hard cover book that literally covers everything that is, The Simpsons. There’s a nice forward and history lesson by creator and executive producer Matt Groening. You think you know everything about The Simpsons? Think again, because this companion piece includes info and details that you might not know about.This is a blast from the past.

The Simpsons Family History goes back even further than 1989 and shows us The Simpsons’ inception, no not 1988 but 67 million years earlier. Yes, you;’ll never look at the phrase “in the beginning” the same way again after you lay your eyes on this. The book fast forwards years later where we get to learn some about their ancestors and even the birth of one Homer J. Simpson. I have to add, Homer gets a lot of attention inside this book, more than Bart does. We get to see when and where Homer and Marge first meet and their early years together, way before they get married. And then, along came Bart, aye, carumba! Oh, did you know Homer kept his hair until Bart was born? Doh! Lisa and Maggie soon followed along. Yes, this book pretty much covers all of the events that lead up to the series. It’s like a cool animated history lesson. The book also includes many of our favorite residents from Springfield, so nobody is left out here. How could you leave out Homer’s pals aka his drinking buddies?

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Bottom line is The Simpsons Family History is the perfect companion piece to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of everybody’s favorite “yellow” family. This 9 1/2 x 10 3/4 hard cover book is packing with 304 pages that are loaded with 400 full color illustrations. The book is literally a history lesson that leads up to the series itself and is a must have for any fan of The Simpsons. This truly is a treasure that helps celebrate the 25th anniversary of this long-running animated series. Oh and it makes a great conversational piece when company comes over!

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